Here is an introductory video about The Red Book. A complete 200MB PDF download of the original text and art of The Red Book is available at the bottom of this post.

On the back of the painting Untitled work, 1917, within The Red Book, Liber Novus, are inscribed the following lines ( pp 320-1):

“The Cabiri: We hauled things up, we built. We placed stone upon stone. Now, you stand upon solid ground…We forged a flashing sword for you, with which you can cut the knot that entangles you…We also place before you the devilish, skillfully twined knot that locks and seals you. Strike, only sharpness will cut through it…Do not hesitate. We need destruction since we ourselves are the entanglement. He who wishes to conquer new land brings down the bridges behind him. Let us not exist anymore. We are the thousand canals in which everything flows back into it’s origin.”

red book two images

Should the above small quote intrigue you, trust that the complete work is equally enthralling. Available from W. W. Norton and Company.

You can download a free full color copy of Carl Jung’s The Red Book, including the complete English translation by Shamdasani, by clicking here.

NOTE: The PDF is a 400+ page color copy and the file is ~212MB … so it can/might take time to download depending on your speed internet and/or device “horsepower” … but it will download 🙂

Post Images including Featured one: From the Red Book.

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