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Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille

What can I say about Francis Lucille? Only that he is my friend and he is my teacher.

The most direct path to Self-realization is the study of Truth, deep meditation and the association with the Guru, the physical embodiment of the living principles of Truth.

No teacher reflects Truth with greater clarity than Francis Lucille. With impersonal compassion, he gently instructs his students and, by his presence, permits them to witness how universal principles can manifest in the human being.

He is humble and makes absolutely no effort to promote his body of work. It is merely available as a service to those desiring further pointers on the path to Self-realization.

Francis reflects such humility and compassion that is easy to overlook the enormity of his tireless and timeless gift to us.

He is second to none and those of us who have benefited from his company owe him a debt of gratituted that we will never be able to repay. You can visit his website directly at There you will find information on his work, his retreats and how to reach him directly.

For those who have had the pleasure of spending time with him, Francis frequently refers to the works of Eastern and Western sages. What many do not know is that Francis translated some of the original documents he refers to in his dialogues. Click here to read his translation of Meister Eckhart (The Poor Man: Mathew 5:3),  of Shankara (Atma Bodha),  and Parmenides (On Reality).

Here is a clip you might enjoy:

Click here to watch many more free video clips from his satsangs, and, should you be interested in his books, you will find them here in the bookstore.


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