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New Video Unfolding Atmananda Krishna Menon's Teachings

"By reducing objects into consciousness or happiness, you come only to the brink of experience. Reduce them further into the 'I' principle; then,'it', the object, and 'you', the subject, both merge into experience itself. Thus, when you find that what you see is only yourself, the 'seeing' and 'objects' become mere empty words." – Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon

atmananda krishna menonFor years, we have submitted that Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon was the third titan of twentieth century India along with Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi. In fact, the man credited with bringing Ramana Maharshi to the West, Paul Brunton, also spent time and wrote extensively on Atmananda. Frequently, Brunton sent people seeking a guru relationship directly to Atmananda Krishna Menon.

atmananda krishna menonIn 2009, StillnessSpeaks and Non-Duality Press published the definitive three-volume set, "Spiritual Discources of Sri Atmananda", his thorough, straightforward, and logical reduction of objects, thus uncovering the direct experience of our true nature. This entire set is an invaluable tool for any serious seeker. (Click here to see more about the book, "Spiritual Discourses of Sri Atmananda").

Today, StillnessSpeaks proudly announces a 2-DVD set Atmananda Menon Greg Goodeentitled, The Direct Path of Sri Atmananda Menon", a step by step tutorial analyzing and deconstructing sensory perception, thought, and memory. Greg Goode, an expert in Atmanada and his approach to self realization, leads a discussion with Chris Hebard, the founder of StillnessSpeaks, in which each aspect of Atmananda's teaching is demonstated for the viewer through real-time experiments. (Click here for more about the full DVD set, "The Direct Path of Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon".)

greg goodeIt's a rare opportunity to experience the work of one of the great sages of 20th century India. The result is a direct seeing of the underlying assumptions that bind us to the belief in limitation.

We hope you enjoy these introductory clips. They do not do justice to the total DVD set, which runs over three and a half hours. The first clip is called "The Fragrance of Sentience".

The next clip is called "The Physicality of The Body".



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