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Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)

Entertainment and Media Professionals gather for GATE 2 and
GATE Transformational Story Conference in Los Angeles

Nearly three thousand seats will be filled with professionals from the entertainment, media and arts communities on February 4th, 2012, when GATE – the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment – presents GATE 2 and the GATE Transformational Story Conference in Los Angeles.

GATE is a new, nonprofit membership trade association founded by transformational marketing pioneer, John Raatz, and Honorary Co-founders, internationally bestselling author and nonduality teacher, Eckhart Tolle, and actor/activist, Jim Carrey.

One of the main aims of the work of Stillness Speaks is to promote the way in which nondual teachings manifest through the Arts, in particular literature, the performing arts, music and film. The GATE events are, therefore, an excellent opportunity to hear firsthand how leaders in their fields are able to represent through artistic means the dance of maya as an expression of the underlying consciousness of all existence. Moreover, there has never been a time when reconnecting with one's innermost moral and spiritual values against a backdrop of global recession and economic gloom has been needed.

GATE will also be presenting its first Imaginal Awards at the GATE 2 event. The GATE Imaginal Awards honor the best works in the transformational entertainment, media and arts fields. Filmmaker, David Lynch, will be presented with a beautiful Imaginal Award bowl – an original bronze ceramic piece handcast by Rupert Spira – for his worldwide humanitarian efforts. Bernt and Fritjof Capra, creators of the seminal film, Mindwalk, and Justine and Michael Toms, creators of the iconic radio series, New Dimensions, will also be honored.

'These are transformational times,' says Raatz. 'Everywhere you look, you see companies, organizations, individuals in transition, major change. For many people, this reflects a shift in values, with deep fundamental questioning about our direction. Even within the entertainment and media business, this shift exists as a microcosm of what’s happening throughout the world. 

'GATE was formed to support people in the industry who are, themselves, asking these deeper questions and wanting to contribute to the solutions that will become the new structure, the new paradigm, of a sustainable world. GATE sees the role and responsibility that entertainment, media, and the arts play in communicating the need for this global transformation, and how each of us can contribute to a successful outcome.'

GATE 2 will be held the evening of February 4th, 2012, at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles. It will be a celebration of the emerging genre of transformational entertainment, media and arts, featuring a lineup of top-level presenters, performers, and content developers. 

These include: Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle and John Raatz; plus scholar/philosopher, Jean Houston; visionary/educator, Barbara Marx Hubbard; actor/activist, Edward James Olmos; author/researcher, Paul H. Ray; internationally bestselling author/teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz; filmmaker/iconic photographer, Norman Seeff; internationally bestselling author/teacher, Marianne Williamson; physicist/author, Fred Alan Wolf, aka Dr. Quantum; and others.

The GATE Transformational Story Conference will take place that morning and afternoon at the same location. GATE StoryCon will examine the role of story in promoting personal, social and global transformation. Story will be explored from a variety of perspectives, with special emphasis on the human transformational journey — the transformational arc of life-death-life. 

Many of the GATE 2 presenters will also deliver programs at GATE StoryCon: writer/story consultant, James Bonnet; writer/teacher, Catherine Ann Jones; author/script consultant, Dara Marks; memoirist, Mark Matousek; writer/producer, Marta Mobley; award-wining documentary filmmaker, Louie Schwartzberg; and others.   

Stillness Speaks will be covering GATE 2 and the GATE Transformational Story Conference, so look forward to future articles and releases on these wonderful events.
Tickets to the two events and more information can be found at

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