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Karl Renz: The Absence of a Tendency of Avoidance

karl renz interviewd by chris hebardHere is a good example of Karl Renz, defining "enlightenment":

"The spontaneous cognition to be prior to "Nothing and All". Entirely unprepared, in spite of and not because of the search for cognition. It is the revelation of the "Eternal Now". The absence of the "me", and thus the absence of all concepts, of separation or union, birth and death, God and world, coming and going, etc.

The ABSOLUTE is aware of ITSELF, and is thus that which is. Pure self-cognition, in cognizing that all that is cognizable is false. The absolute death of time and of all which is seemingly in time. That includes as well what I just said about enlightenment or truth etc.

These are pointers to that which doesn't require cognition or enlightenment to be that which is. And that is what "you" are. Absolute BEING in imperturbable harmony."   Karl Renz

I encourage you to take some time and explore Karl Renz work. Here is a short clip from our dialogue.


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