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The Seamless Totality of Experience

The Relationship between Mentation and Consciousness

truthConsider this quote from Francis Lucille: "The human mind only knows one mentation at a time, always in the now."

Just what is it that we call the "separate and outside world?" What is the "location of experience"?

The above quote honors from the work of Atmananda Krishna Menon, an Indian Sage whom we consider to be one of the three great spiritual 'Titans of 20th Century." Atmananda propposed that all of experience is wirtnessed as "mentations" identified as thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and sense perceptions. These mentations are reduced in the "mind" to a single mentation experienced in the now by Consciousness; subsequently, he demonstrated that this mentation is itself, nothing other than consciousness itself.

Get this simple analysis and separation begins to dissolve under it's wieght. How does this happen?

For this answer, let's pause to realize that the seamless nature of oneness is obscured by constant focus on individual mentations, i.e. the pain in "my' lip. the ringing in "my' ears, "my" dog snoring, the hum of the air conditioner, random thoughts arising,  The common thread to all this fragmentation is clearly, "my", "mine" and "I".

francis lucilleFrancis Lucille explained that  one mentation at a time meant either "mentation a", "mentation b" or "mentation a plus b" .

When taken to the extreme, "mentation a thru z", reminded us of a  metaphor, where the hand is clenched into a fist for such a long time that relaxing it seems like a doing.

As awareness relaxes it's focus and allows itself to experience the totality, it becomes clearer and clearer, that a single mentation, this totality, first, appears to be witnessed by consciousness and later, that, in fact, that the mentation itself is nothing other than consciousness itself.

Now, does a "carve out" from the Totality, the single mentation, a separation of the "I" from the "am" in the "Iam" occur which allows for the creation of multiplicity or objects?

The answer to this profound question is explained magnificently in Rupert Spira's recollection of the teachings of Francis Lucille. It is aptly named,"The Seamless Totality of Being." Click here to read "The Seamless Totality of Being" and reflect on   how " Maya is mentation; Ignorance is the belief in it's reality."

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