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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: Interview of the Heart

Here are some highlights from the interview: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee celebrates the single pure note of Love and how it destroys your mind because "in that dimension of Love, all your notions of yourself and your world are dissolved – it is absolute. it is present in everything in life because everything in life is made of Love."

Boldly, he discusses transformation, and the real awakening: "The World belongs to God."

This realization occurred when "The butterfly's wings touched the edge of my heart."

It is remarkable how Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee reveals the emptiness of perception as "the veils of the beloved, the way he hides himself from us in his creation." Further, he shares: "The journey of the mystic is to uncover this veil and to find what is real. And when you find what is real and your heart begins to sing you become a drunk…in Love. You are a mystic."

On the Journey: "We are afraid of the darkness….the light is hidden in the darkness. It is terrifying at first and then you discover the light of your own divine nature which is hidden in the darkness… you need the sword of your own aspiration… It is called the pearl of great price that is at the bottom of the ocean."

On Wisdom: "It is different when you are a mystic. When you are a mystic, you are given wisdom. You become totally empty and you are given whatever you need. There s a plane in which all the knowledge is and you can go to there and get whatever you need. So, we are trained to be empty so that something that needs can be reflected in it."

"There is a difference between spiritual life and mystical life. In spiritual life: you aspire to something – you want to get close to God, you want to lead a good life, you want to make a connection to your spiritual nature… A mystic wants nothing; we aspire to be completely empty… to be used by God for his purpose."

The Mystics Prayer: "I do not ask to see, I do not ask to know, I ask only to be used."

"So, we know nothing. But, we are given what we need. We need to know something and suddenly it just comes to the mind. For the mystic, this is the state of being. The real Wisdom comes from somewhere else."

On Prayer: "Prayer is being with God. Your heart is in a continuous state of prayer, because it is so wonderful to be with God. awake with the wonder of God. When the heart is awake, you pray continuously. If you are not speaking to God, you are listening to God." The Prophet, Mohammed loved three things: Perfume, beautiful woman, and the shining of eyes in prayer. When a human being prays, there is a light in their eyes; it is so beautiful... Because the whole human being lights up, and when you see what a human being is when they are alight, it is a miracle."

On Peace: "Peace is the essence of the soul. The sheath of the soul is Bliss, Ananda Maya Kosha, and the substance of the soul is Peace. It is called the Peace that passeth understanding. Because it has nothing to do with outer situations. You go to that place in the soul where there is Peace. Once you have access to that, it is always with you. It is also traditionally the gift of a great teacher to his disciplines…It is the gift of peace and it is given, but it is really the substance of the soul."

On Separation: "The difficulty is when you separate the world from God.....The mystic experiences things, we don't read about them, we don't talk about them, we go into meditation and we experience them, and once you experience how this world is divine …everything in this world is God, you are God, I am God, the trees are God, the sunshine is God, everything is God…and so our duty in this world is to be of service to God... Which means to be of service to life... to be in service to the Oneness which means to live our destiny. Because it is all the same.

Then there is so much joy. Because once you do what you came here to do, the soul wakes up and sings this extraordinary song of praise to God, which is your song, which is your offering to life. And the plants respond, and the people respond, and the bus arrives on time, and it works. Because there is no difference."

On Miracles: "When people who live their meaning meet each other, a connection is made outside of time and outside of space that has a very lasting effect. It becomes part of this bigger network, a bigger connection of light which gives meaning to the whole of life. It affects not just you, not just me, it affects the whole, and that is very meaningful."


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