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Susan Kahn: Death is Love

Susan Kahn: Death is LoveDeath Is Love

Monday, December 28, 2009 at 3:23pm

This that never was,
This that cannot be known
Or seen or felt,
Lives silently as the formless heart.

Even appearing shadows
And the lightness of air,
Cannot touch this emptiness
Of always and never.

The death of all that is believed
Opens the one heart
Beyond all imagined fields and skies.

For both grand and subtle things
Are always limited,
But what cannot be named
Never started and has no end.

To die to the grip of mental pictures,
To all you believe you know,
Is to see who you really are,
That you are existence,
That you are inexhaustibly here.

For the death of every grain of a thing
Reveals this formless life, this one true home,
Where love is present as itself
And has no reasons.

Simpoly delightful.

Want more? Consider this quick quote Susan posted on Facebook this morning:

"When one identifies as a thought or feeling, one dies as each thought or feeling ends. But when it is seen that who you really are is the changeless, the objectless behind each thought or feeling, existence never ends. Only false identification can hold off the pure knowing that you are ever-present."


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