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Western Masters of Nonduality DVD. What Does Enlightenment Mean?

western masters of non dualityWestern Masters of Nonduality

There is controversy and disagreement amongst teachers of Nonduality. These are not superficial differences; they are fundamental.  When a teacher purports to "teach a path, or non-path" to "enlightenment", it is important to understand their definitions of commonly used words. When this is not done, confusion can arise.

What is meant when the words "consciousness", "awareness", "enlightenment", "self realization", or "Maya", to name just a few, are used?

Francis Lucille raises the question during satsang: What exactly does a teacher mean when he professes "enlightenemnt"? Is it the same thing being talked of amongst all teachers? (See a short clip of Francis and other teachers below)

Are there levels of enlightenment? Is there a difference between what a teacher refers to as "enlightenment" and what he refers to as "self realization"?

Is there a path to follow? Is there a doer? What does it say when it is asserted that there is no doer? What of the discussion of "confusion of levels"?

Does a teacher's answer to a question meet the questioner where he stands (even though it might be asked from ignorance) and travel from there, or does the teacher "stand as awareness", answering all questions from the Absolute?

Even though the questions asked were the same for each teacher, their answers were not. So, who is to be the aribter of this nondual wisdom, if not our direct experience?

For this reason, StillnessSpeaks undertook to ask many teachers of nonduality a series of "basic" questions regarding these issues. Each was asked the same questions so that you, the viewer, could sort out exactly what each teacher means by the terms they use. (Some sample video clips below)

It is not the intention of StillnessSpeaks to be an arbiter of Truth; we do not profess the qualifications. We can only share what has worked for us.

The wisdom of sages tell us that, "There are many paths, but, only one destination." We agree.

"As men approach Me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to Me."

Krishna from The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4.11.

With this in mind, we offer you a sampling of different questions and answers we  asked each teacher. Click here to get the first 2 DVD volume of Western Masters of Nonduality including Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Chuck Hillig, Greg Goode, Jeff Foster, Joel Morwood, and James Swartz.

Shortly, we will release the second 2 DVD volume including Loch Kelly, Vijay Kapoor, Stephen Wolinsky, Peter Fenner, and Loibon Le Baaba, with bonus interviews of scientists Fred Allen Wolfe (What the Bleep?) and Peter Russell.

Enjoy the videos:

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