Ramana Maharshi: Spiritual Instruction

(Knowledge)… is that tranquil state of existence-consciousness which …. is like the waveless ocean or the motionless ether.  ~ Ramana Maharshi

Our previous two posts from Ramana Maharshi’s Words of Grace, provided an overview of the central enquiry… Who Am I? This third and final post explores Spiritual Instruction.

Nirmala: Love is What You Are

I may think love destroys me, but it is love that sets me free.  ~ Nirmala

Every moment of your entire life has been an experience of the flow of awareness and love to something. Even when love isn’t being experienced, there isn’t any less love; there is just less of the outward flow or expression

Elias Amidon: Sanctuary

Our future is, and always has been, something given by the whole universe.  ~ Elias Amidon

Sufi teacher and writer Elias Amidon explores impermanence and presence within our notion of Sanctuary. These “two” qualities of our sanctuary — impermanence and presence — are not in actuality two. How this is, is a mystery.