“… All things are made holy in their union with the Sacred …” ~ Jonathan Ellerby

union with sacred

Jonathan Ellerby’s fascinating and profound book, Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening, is a guide to “… help you understand the importance of spiritual practice and the great diversity of paths that are available to you …”

Here’s a sampling:

 “… All things are made holy in their union with the Sacred, and all things are made endurable in the Light of Timeless Awareness … The immeasurable essence of our Sacred Source lives within everyone and connects us to our eternal origin and the fabric of being …

sacred source

… This is a knowing that lives within each of us. It isn’t so much a discovery as it is a remembering …”

And Jonathan exquisitely evokes that “remembering”  through Ganga White’s words of wisdom :

What if our religion was each other

If our practice was our life
If prayer, our words

practice is life

What if the temple was the Earth
If forests were our church

forest as church

If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and ocean

holy waters

What if meditation was our relationships

If the teacher was our life
If wisdom was self-knowledge

If love was the center of our being.

love center of our being

~ Ganga White

In the same vein, Jonathan also reminds us that : “Everything is made small in the vastness of consciousness, God’s Eternity.” 

God's Eternity

— — —

The Universe is indeed a fascinating Mystery … because …

… While composing this post (which was magical in itself), “life” presented this – most apropos – YouTube video ! …  so … close your eyes, turn the volume up, way up … and then … enjoy!

All Italicized text is excerpted from Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening By Jonathan H. Ellerby.

YouTube Video: [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Imagine – Pentatonix.

Images (edited): 1&2 are CCO Public Domain 1) Sunshine Sky by Imaresz, 2) Sunrise Tree by xuuxuu, 3) Hacia La Luz by Ion Ruiz, CC BY-SA 2.0, 4) Waterfalls With Brown Mountain Range on Background by Robert LukemanCCO Public Domain, 5) & 6) are CC BY 2.0 5) Meditation – Into the Mystic by Ian Burt, 6) Fall in Love by Anne Worner, 7)  Hubble Sees Galaxies Galore, Credit: NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team, CC BY 4.0.



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