What is Love and where can it be found?

“Love flies on its own wings and knows no laws. It is the emergence of grace that wrests us from the hypnosis of separation.” ~ Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille Love

Francis is a teacher in the advaita or nonduality tradition and he “… transmits the ancient teaching of nonduality, the common ground of Advaita Vedanta, Ch’an Buddhism, Zen, Taoism and Sufism.”

Consider the question: “Can love exist without an object?”… then …

… Ponder Francis‘ response that begins with: “Love exists only without an object. Love is the love of the objectless by the objectless. An object puts clothes on love, and dressed, veils it. What we love in a person is neither the physical body nor the thoughts. It is the conscious presence that we have in common with him or her, the self, the objectless. The veil can exercise a temporary power of attraction, but only the true self that remains in the background can bring us what we seek …” 

Francis: Love in the Other

For more of Francis’ remarks on this universal topic, please read his short article titled: Love in the Other – available as a free downloadable PDF.

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“If we approach the other as potential divine consciousness, we force God to remove the mask, which he does with a miracle; and the miracle is the smile of God.” ~ Francis Lucille

This article (PDF) was found on Am1gos – a website on nonduality.

Post & Featured image: Spread Love!, by Vinoth Chandar (edited and logo added), CC BY 2.0.
This post is an edited migration of an old Stillness Speaks 2008 post.



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