When the mind recognizes it is only a servant of God, then the mind is useful. ~ Gangaji

Mind, God

In this conclusion to the two-part series, You are Already Whole, Gangaji continues to explore living within our innate wholeness. The text is taken form her e-book Freedom and Resolve: The Living Edge of Surrender… available as a free PDF download. Text taking from the book is italicized. If you missed it,  be sure to read Part 1.

Ganaji addresses illness and pain, stating simply that the body is subject to change and decay, The body, ultimately, cannot be healed… Eventually, all bodies end.

As Buddha realized, we are subject to sickness, old age, and death. Suffering comes from our aversion to those difficult realities and the misunderstanding of who we really are. Gangaji talks about why we resist physical pain and how that never works…

The body will rot. You know that. Some bodies start earlier than other bodies. You observe this in plants and other animals. Some plants and animals are very healthy and vital and some are not. That is just the nature of form. Who you are is not subject to rot.

physical, decay, suffering

…. It is the thought, “No, I don’t want pain.” The reason this thought arises is because of identification with your body as who you are. You imagine that experiences through the sensory system…can tear or puncture or pierce or fragment who you are. That is called conditioned existence, and you are trying…to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

What would happened if we made no attempt to change anything? How would it be to stop struggling against the inevitable? Gangaji doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of our physical being … but body care should not come first.

…you cannot truly take care of your body until you realize that taking care of your body has nothing to do with who you are. First wake up to who you are, and then whether you take care of the body or don’t take care of the body is secondary. Until you wake up you will confuse taking care of the body with finding happiness.

….As long as you identify yourself with this body, there will be suffering. There will be pleasure and there will also be suffering.

inquiry, fear, discomfort

Fear gets in the way of opening to the moment. Gangaji encourages us to face fear directly….because when met with inquiry and innocence, fear vanishes.

Now be still. Be open. Stop telling yourself a story of what needs to be and what needs not to be-if only that were fixed, then this would be fixed. This kind of mental activity is an addiction…a mental sickness, and it simply distracts you from what is always whole and healthy. You are that which is always whole and healthy.

When you recognize that, then yes, take care of the body. Take care of the Earth. Take care of your brothers and sisters, your parents, your lovers, your children. But first realize who you are, otherwise this “taking care of” is still an attempt to extract health and wholeness from some mental image…

In closing Gangaji shares the story of Lucifer…

Lucifer leaves the right hand of God and descends into his own kingdom where he can be the ruler, where he can say what is and what is not. That is called Hell. When Lucifer returns to the right hand of God to finally lay in prostration as the servant of God, then Lucifer is true to his name, Angel of Light. When the mind recognizes it is only a servant of God, then the mind is useful.

And again, here’s Part 1.

Explore Gangaji’s Teacher Page and more of her books and videos in our library. The ebook Freedom and Resolve is sourced from Free Spiritual eBooks and is a free PDF download on this website.

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