It is I: “… I am the infinite, the eternal … I am the gardener who sculpts the land … It is not Yunus saying all this. The One is speaking with my lips …” ~ Yunus Emre

it is i emre grand canyon

“… The Sufi seeks to remember the Divine Being, the Beloved, in every moment and to dispel the illusion of separateness …” ~ Jennifer Farraro with Latif Bolat

“… The supreme vision of Sufism is to see God everywhere, to view every part of creation as a reflection of God’s glory …” ~ Jonathan Star

These words – from the Introductions of two different books on Sufi poetry – offer a glimpse into the essence of Sufism: Divine Human Unity

The Turkish Sufi poet Yunus’ excerpt above is quite explicit – and clear – about this unity! … whereas, in contrast, one of Rumi’s expression of such unity is (as translated by Jonathan): “… Why look for God ? …. Look for the one looking for God … but then Why look at all ? … He is not lost … He is right here … Closer than your own breath!” … Of course, Rumi has {almost} countless expressions of such unity in his vast – and unparalleled – “poem-scape” 🙂

Yunus may not be as well known as Rumi but he’s covering the same territory.

Back in 2019, we started “mining” some of these lesser known Turkish Sufi poets through Jennifer and Latif’s book Quarreling with God: Mystic Rebel Poems of the Dervishes of Turkey : The Sufi path in Aksarayi Seyh Ibrahim Efendi’s: The Sufi Way and the Divine Human unity via Asik Veysel’s: There You Are and Kaygusuz Abdal’s The Hidden Treasure Is In Me

Turns out, “… Yunus Emre, a contemporary of Rumi, is Turkey’s best-known mystic poet …” whose “… verses … have been previously translated in book form and available in America …”

So, … pause … take in Yunus’ words … reflect … pause … reflect deeper … and be nourished … 🙂

Who Can Know My Mysteries? : It Is I …

I am the infinite, the eternal.

infinite eternal emre milky way night crater lake

I am the one who gives life to the soul.
For those bewildered I am a cure.
The rescuer and remedy—it is me.

I am the one who stands solid as a tree
Who can know my mysteries?
How can those without soul-eyes see?
The one who enters souls— is me.

oak tree emre

At the creation of the earth I appeared
With just one glance I brought perfect order.
I built an inn of welcome from His power
and laid the foundation for love. It was me.

I made the flatness of the plains
and pressed the earthen mountains into forms.
Like a tent flap I stretched the skies
and the whole earth became beauty.
It was me.

it is i emre mountain valley sunrise

It is I who created harmony among men.
It is I who wrote the scriptures with my pen.
Black letters on white paper and then
even the Book which He wrote—it is me, me.

It is I who reached union with the Friend.
It is I who followed His orders to the end.
I am the gardener who sculpts the land
and puts the world in perfect order—I.

it is i gardener emre iguazu falls

It is I who comes when the Light arrives
Illuminating the earth and the soul’s eye.
When the sea is rough and surf is high
It is I who guides the ships to safety, I.
It is not Yunus saying all this.
The One is speaking with my lips.
For the faithless, ignorance is bliss.
Where time begins and ends—I.

~~ Yunus Emre


Divine Human unity : what does that mean in our everyday life navigation? well, one possibility is to dissolve boundaries by being compassionate and kind… so, to that end let us do our part in dissolving or minimizing the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine … by helping in whatever way we can … so here are some options:

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We are all facing financial challenges but IF your situation allows you to donate and help then please do so …


Above Poem and all italicized text, in the blockquote, is from Quarreling with God: Mystic Rebel Poems of the Dervishes of Turkey, translated and compiled by Jennifer Farraro with Latif Bolat.
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Majestic Vista of the Grand Canyon at Dusk  by jose1983,  2) Lake in the volcano crater at night with stars, Iceland by Shaiith79, 3) Mighty oak tree by DarioStudios, 4) Mountain valley during sunrise by biletsky_e, 5) Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina, view from Devil’s Mouth. Panoramic view of many majestic powerful water cascades with mist and clouds. Panoramic image of Iguazu valley with stones in water by All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).


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