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Inner Guru: Kabir via Andrew Harvey

inner guru lake marano presence within kabir harvey

“…  my friends, follow Supreme Being who lives within you and is the soul of everyone and everything  … Experience this Presence! … ” ~ Kabir

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Within Your Home: Kabir via Andrew Harvey

within your home dolomites kabir harvey

“… Within your home is the way … Turn your mind within and realize Universal Mind …” ~ Kabir

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His Face Is Everywhere – Upanishad, Andrew Harvey

his face is everywhere waterfall harvey

His face is everywhere: “… Lord of Love … who projects himself into this universe of myriad forms …” ~ Shvetashvatara Upanishad

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Tantric Tradition, Andrew Harvey, & Kabir

tantric formless father god form mother kabir

“… The formless Absolute is my Father, and God with form is my Mother …” ~ Kabir

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Union & The Longing for It … – A.H. Almaas

union sunrise heart beloved enlightenment almaas

“… We need to realize that union with the Beloved is our ultimate value and priority. It is equivalent to enlightenment …” ~ A. H. Almaas

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The Time Before Death – Kabir (Bly & Tagore)

cobblestone street meditation death deliverance life kabir

“Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive. Jump into experience while you are alive! …” ~ Kabir

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Kabir: True Path


“Listen to me, dear Sadhu! the true path is rarely found.”  ~ Kabir

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Kabir: Earthen Vessel

creator, life, vessel

Kabir says: “Listen to me, my Friend! My beloved Lord is within.”

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Kabir: Who Needs Words?

Where is the need of words…?

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Kabir: Garden of Flowers

Flower garden, body

…your body….the garden of flowers. ~ Kabir

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Kabir: The Secret Word

Secret Word, Inside Out

How may I ever express that secret word?  ~ Kabir

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Kabir: The Moon Shines

Moon Inside

“The moon shines in my body, but my blind eyes cannot see it…” ~ Kabir

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Listen To The Secret Sound – Kabir

music man secret sound

“If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you. …” ~ Kabir Excerpt from “The Simple Purification,” from News of the Universe: Poems of Twofold Consciousness. By Robert Bly

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