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Tao Is … via Thomas Merton

tao is everywhere merton

“… There is nowhere it {Tao} is not to be found …”  ~ Thomas Merton

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Tao: Even More Glimpses … via Jonathan Star

mt fuji sunrise tao still mind lao tzu star

Tao: “… a still mind can easily hold the truth. The difficulties yet to come can easily be avoided …” ~ Lao Tzu

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The Way: Sufi Tao – Elias Amidon

the way this moment amidon seascape

“The way we follow … flows everywhere without moving, never straying from this moment.” ~ Elias Amidon

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Empty Boat – Chuang Tzu & Thomas Merton

empty boat sunset batam island chuang tzu merton

empty boat: “… This is perfect Tao. Wise men find here their resting place. Resting, they are empty …”  ~ Chuang Tzu

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The Tao: Another Glimpse … via Jonathan Star

the tao silence dolomites lao tzu star

The Tao: “… When there is silence one finds peace. When there is silence one finds the anchor of the universe within himself …” ~ Lao Tzu

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Tao Te Ching: A Glimpse … via Jonathan Star

tao te ching sit quietly tzu sunrise matterhorn

“… {Man}He was made to sit quietly and find the truth within …” ~ Lao Tzu

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Poems of Fulfillment by Lao Tzu

sunset lake serenity tzu

“… Returning to the source is serenity …” ~ Lao Tzu

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Seng-Ts’an: The Mind of Absolute Trust

sunset sky god self everywhere seng tsan

“… God [The Self] is a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere …” ~ Carl Jung quoting St.Bonaventure

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Taoism – Loy Ching-Yuen: To Know Tao

rumi hidden mysteries still mind loy chin yuen taoism

“To know Tao … meditate and still the mind …” ~ Loy Ching-Yuen

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The Tao: Older than God

Ancient, God, Tao

The Tao… is older than God. ~ Lao Tzu

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Lao Tzu: Manifestations and Mystery

manifestation, mystery

Know the manifestations but hold to the mystery. ~ Lao Tzu

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Rest: Retire to the Center of Your Being

enlightenment no talk

To know Tao Meditate And still the mind … … ~ Loy Ching Yuen We are taking a brief rest … so there is no newsletter this week … if you are interested, here’s our most recent newsletter, titled : Sanbo Zen, Simplicity of What Is, Nonduality & More … and our newsletter archives. Meantime …

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