Robert Rabbin

“Robert is one of the jewels in the awakening community, who helps others by answering the question of how does awakened awareness move in the world in a practical way.” ~ Maja Apolonia Rode

Robert is a passionate teacher, story teller, and lifelong lover of truth. He has dedicated his life to finding honest meaning in the stories that make up an individual and finding the path with which one can live, work, and play in truthful self-expression. One of his key teachings is about Speaking Truthfully :

“Speaking Truthfully is a profound, powerful, and radical style of authentic self-expression, public speaking, and communication based on the authenticity, integrity, and transparency of the speaker. Its essential philosophy and fundamental tenet is: YOU Are the Message!

The quality of almost everything in our lives is determined by the style, substance, and effectiveness of our speaking, by the sum total of our verbal and nonverbal expressions — our relationships, work, and creative projects; our contributions to others and service to our community; promoting our ideas, affecting change, inspiring action, influencing the course of events. Our speaking pervades all domains of our lives: personal, social, business, political, spiritual. We even, and often, speak to ourselves. Speaking is everywhere.

And, in all speaking situations, whether it be a dance workshop or spiritual sermon, a conference keynote or high-stakes business meeting, a book tour or media interview, pitching to venture capitalists or angels, a political stump speech or nonprofit fundraiser, a global webinar or an intimate one-on-one social encounter — in all speaking situations: YOU are the message. You command respect and attention, you impart power to your words, you inspire others, you impact and influence people, you are credible and believable. YOU are the message.

This is why we have to be authentic, genuine, and sincere in our speaking, to be willing and able to tell the truth, to show others who we really are, what we know, what we want, what we stand for. Vulnerability. Intimacy. Transparency. Connection. Courage. Confidence. Clarity. Power. Presence. Awareness. Silence. These words are the floor and walls and roof and windows of Speaking Truthfully. These words are our portable home, where we must live if we are to speak truthfully.

Speaking Truthfully calls forth our most authentic self, the one with knowledge of one’s passions and place and purpose in the world. Speaking Truthfully is a force that comes from deep within you and depends upon your clear, grounded, and present-centered awareness, your open heart, your confidence, your humanity.”  

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UPDATE December 2017: We are sad to report that Robert passed away in early December of 2017. May his soul rest in peace.

His website is no longer operational. For latest updates and news, please visit his facebook page.

And, you can watch some of Robert’s videos in our library.

Below is Robert’s inspirational interview with Buddha at the Gas Pump:

All italicized text above was excerpted from Robert’s website (when it was operational).



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