Deep inside of each one of us
is light that is utterly peaceful and quiet.


It is the you in me
and the me in you.

It is unaffected and undisturbed
by the outer world.

It is unchanged by birth and death.
It is not limited by time and space.

blur stars

Teachers can teach you about {this} world,
but only you can come to know the inner you.

This inner light is always pure,
ever present, and free of sorrow.

light through trees

Learn to rest in the Self …
Come to know the Bliss …

rest in self

~ Vashishta

Above Poem is from: Sangam:  The Jhansi Legacy By Balkrishna Naipaul

Images (edited & Logo added): All are CC0 Public Domain 1) Sunset by winner01,  2) Stars by Pexels, 3) Light through trees by Waldo93, 4) Natural Sunset by choukyin.

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