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The Diamond Inquiry – Book Excerpt Dominic Liber

Aug 18, 2021

Diamond Inquiry: “… really, inquiry is just like scuba diving in the ocean of your inner world. It is as utterly thrilling as lowering yourself into a coral reef or an underwater cave to discover …”  ~ Dominic C. Liber

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diamond inquiry scube soul liber

The most important endeavor in our lives is self discovery – ultimately a journey of searching within because therein lies the answer to the mystery of the ages: the “gem” of perennial wisdom. It’s no wonder that Ramana Maharshi says: “Devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you.”

diving inner ocean liberTo that end, Dominic Liber’s newly released book (Aug 10, 2021 – Shambhala Publications), Diving in the Inner Ocean, offers a thorough, step by step guide with a contemporary practice – The Diamond Inquiry – that leads to personal transformation as the subtitle aptly states An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry.

This inquiry is the “the primary practice” of The Diamond Approach teaching – which we began exploring in a recent post. Today, we begin a 4-part series that’ll take us on a deeper dive into the practice – and the teaching – through excerpts from Dominic’s book.

The Diamond Approach – conceived by A. H. Almaas – is “… a dynamic, evolving teaching that leads to openness, freedom, and realization of the many dimensions of our human potential—especially the amazing secrets of our spiritual nature … our methods help you skillfully penetrate obscurations to your inner richness and luminous depth …”  ~ The Diamond Approach website

In this post, we “set the stage” with excerpts from the Foreword by Almaas … and the Introduction by Dominic …

All italicized text below is adapted from Diving in the Inner Ocean: An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry by Dominic C. Liber © 2021 by Dominic Liber. Reprinted here in arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO. Shambhala has also generously offered a free downloadable PDF of the Table of Contents (link is at the bottom of the post). You can purchase the book at Shambhala or Amazon.

Foreword: Diamond Inquiry

a h almaasIn this book, Dominic introduces and elucidates the practice of diamond inquiry, the primary practice of the teaching of the Diamond Approach. While central in this teaching, the practice can be useful in whatever path you happen to be on. Diamond inquiry is handy even if you are not on any spiritual path or engaged in any practice, because it clarifies what you experience and connects you to deeper strata of what you are. It takes you to greater intimacy with your subjectivity and gives you greater freedom in what you experience and how to live it. It helps to liberate you from many of your emotional or mental patterns that trap you in suffering or limit your life.

In a simple and easily accessible way, Dominic presents the practice of diamond inquiry that is the Diamond Approach’s main contribution to spiritual practice. The Diamond Approach is a wide and deep teaching, with many facets and dimensions. It is a path of liberation from unnecessary baggage and of realization of what we truly are. The totality of this teaching can be discovered and experienced most easily through this practice of diamond inquiry. The path uses other practices, such as meditation of different kinds, a few of which are presented here. But I have found the inquiry that has developed within this path to be the most effective and efficient way to discover the truths revealed by this teaching. These are the truths of what we are, our true being and the being of all and everything. The path is not simply liberation but the discovery of the secrets of existence, the meaning of life, and so on. To traverse this path is to embark on an adventure of discovery, of discovering the inner or spiritual universe and its relation to our everyday reality.
. . .



A late summer afternoon on a quietish Ibiza beach. Mellow beats drift across from a friend DJ-ing at a bar some way off. His partner is telling me about a new hobby: scuba diving! He lights up like a Christmas tree, animated with delight and wonder at his discovery. He is astonished that even as an adult, he could discover something so utterly new and previously unimagined. It was a revelation to find himself in this living, pulsing world of captivating beauty, life, and mystery, surrounded by the magical colors of the coral, with fish peering curiously or nibbling his fingers. It was meaningful and significant in a way he almost couldn’t express. The immediacy and the immersion in something so amazing totally took his breath away.

As he spoke, I realized that this exactly describes what the inner adventure of diamond inquiry (or, simply, inquiry) has been for me. I had been trying for years to describe to people the magnificent world of inquiry and the Diamond Approach.

diamond inquiry scube soul liber

Usually when I’m asked what I do, I say sexy words like “spirituality” and “psychology” and “personal development” and I watch the shutters come down behind most people’s eyes. Not always, but mostly. A polite smile and on to the next topic. Or I backpedal to “Well, I used to be in finance!” to establish some sort of credibility. At least people know what that is.

But really, inquiry is just like scuba diving in the ocean of your inner world. It is as utterly thrilling as lowering yourself into a coral reef or an underwater cave to discover something that you could never have imagined until you encountered it. It is every bit as surprising, magnificent, and unexpected as any ocean diving trip could be, if you know how to enter this world and discover its secrets. One reason you might want to inquire is to discover the richness and wonder of your inner world.

. . .

~ Dominic C. Liber

Part 2 will continue with more excerpts from the Introduction providing a deeper overview of the book … so stay tuned …


All italicized text above (except the Sufi saying)  is adapted from Diving in the Inner Ocean: An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry by Dominic C. Liber © 2021 by Dominic Liber. Reprinted here in arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO. And, click here for the free, downloadable PDF of the Table of Contents.


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Ramana Maharshi’s quote is from our Home page – Teachers “Section.”
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