“Each moment of the creative process engages the senses more fully, with richer and more focused awareness. In art practice we can become transcendence, one with all beings and our world.” ~ Dianne Bersea

In addition to offering specific traditions (or paths), e.g., Zen & Buddhism, or a fusion or synthesis of traditions (e.g., Eclectic), we also want to explore the “intersection” of certain traditions (or paths) and this is one of those: art is an expression of the psyche … and creativity, ultimately, stems from the psyche or the inner being … and consciousness is the “container” or the “ground or foundation” of psyche … so there is an intrinsic connection between art and consciousness.

It is important to note that our use of the term Art here is very general and includes all forms of “art,” i.e., music, dance, film, painting, sculptor, and so on.

Consciousness is always present in any experience of any kind so when art is being appreciated, consciousness is present. Art is an integral part of human experience so we want to explore its intersection with consciousness – the ground of human experience.

Consciousness, our true nature, is permanence – that from which we arise is ever present – here&now … it is here more than “we” are. An artist attempts to capture/express the permanence through our inherent impermanence – through all the elements of our objective existence. Art helps us express the inexpressible.

An artist uses “…the elements of the objective world, the ‘appearance of all her changes’, to explore and reveal that which is changeless, the ‘thrill of her permanence’…” ~ Rupert Spira from Daphne Astor’s conversation with Rupert Spira on “Consciousness and the Role of the Artist.”

This is just the beginning of our exploration into Art & Consciousness so we are launching with minimal content – some early samplings (only migrated posts from old site)  – but expect lot more in future, particularly new content.

Please scroll down to see the “Explore More About Art & Consciousness” section that provides related teachers, posts (both videos and text), articles (free downloadable PDFs), and books & dvds (if applicable).

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