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This page outlines StillnessSpeaks privacy policy regarding any information we collect, the copyright policy regarding use of this site’s content elsewhere, how we use external content on this site, and other (curation, endorsement) policy re our content (teachers, traditions and their related information/material).


We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users. Any information, we collect, will not be disclosed, or sold, to any other party – ever.

We collect your information under three scenarios:

  1. When you subscribe to our Newsletter by signing up via Mailchimp
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Subscribing to (or Signing up for) our Newsletter or Podcast

We ask for your email address when you sign up for StillnessSpeaks’ regular email newsletter. This email is securely stored in Mailchimp’s secure server and Mailchimp ensures that such information is kept private and confidential.

This email address will only be used to send you the regular newsletter (one per week), plus any confirmation emails (sent upon newsletter or podcast subscribing), plus any welcome series emails (limited to 4 emails) sent one per week from the initial signup date.

Also, we may send you occasional notifications about news related with our website.

You can always unsubscribe or change your email preferences, at any time, by clicking on the pertinent links provided at the bottom of our emails.

Your email address is never disclosed to any other party – ever.

Making Donations via PayPal

When you make a donation to StillnessSpeaks via PayPal, your email address will be saved on PayPal’s secure server. PayPal ensures that such information is always kept private and confidential.

Your email address is never disclosed to any other party – ever.

Direct Communication With Us

When you communicate with us directly by using our Contact Us form, any information we collect or receive will always remain strictly private or confidential.

Your email (or postal) address is never disclosed to any other party – ever.


Unless otherwise noted, textual content on StillnessSpeaks is licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International  (CC BY-SA 4.0), which means that you are free to use any content from this website (unless otherwise stated) however we kindly ask that you give proper attribution (accreditation) and backlinks to us, as follows: StillnessSpeaks [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Our images are a mix of creative commons and restricted. So, treat images as all rights reserved unless noted otherwise.

External Content

When using content from external sources (i.e., not created by StillnessSpeaks), we always endeavor to uphold and follow the legal requirements and to honor the creators’ copyright. Full attribution is given wherever possible.

Home Page Image Image (edited): Winter at Irishtown Reservoir, by James Mann, CC BY 2.0.

Please do let us know if you find any non conformance and we will do our best to ensure verification, correction, and compliance.

a. Images

All images used on StillnessSpeaks are taken from allowed sources, i.e., public domain content, or copyright free material, or media that is under the pertinent Creative Commons license, or material that was purchased under appropriate usage license (e.g., shutterstock). Most such external images are edited, i.e., in dimension and Stillness Speaks logo is added.

Full attribution is given wherever possible.

b. Video or Film Snapshots

We rely on the Fair Use conditions whenever it is not possible to contact the copyright holder. Any snapshots are credited to the source wherever possible.

c. Text excerpts and quotations

We use material that is from public domain or copyright free or is under the Creative Commons License. For copyrighted content, we either obtain appropriate permissions or use it as per the Fair Use conditions.

Full attribution is given wherever possible.

d. Audio/Video Content

We use content from legitimate, or bona fide, 3rd-party providers who have already given permission to share/use or offer it under a usable license (e.g., YouTube Standard License). 

Disclaimer about Inadvertent Use

StillnessSpeaks was started in 2007 with various volunteers contributing content at different stages. Proper use of external content (as defined in a. through d. above, in this section) may or may not have been adhered to – we have done our best to review and change as appropriate so as to ensure proper use, however, if you see some external content that is not properly attributed then please contact us immediately and include the specific details, i.e., which “item (any of a. to d. above) and if possible information about the license holder) and we’ll investigate then act accordingly.

Other (Curation & Endorsement)

As a content aggregator, Stillness Speaks offers content from/about teachers and traditions plus any related information and/or material, e.g., blog or video posts, articles, books DVDs etc.

Offering of such content does not implicitly or explicitly mean any endorsement – we offer multiple perspectives and diverse messages and messengers and let the readers/site-visitors be the “assessor” – we are not a gatekeeper or a watchdog or policing-entity.

Our content is curated as “best” as possible – within practical and reasonable limits. And we reserve the right to remove any content (subsequent to publishing) that is found to have issues – due to whatever reasons.




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