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We are a non profit resource dedicated to those interested in direct inquiry, meditation, satsang and yoga in the pursuit of self realization and enlightenment. We offer free video, audio and written information on topics such as Advaita (advaita vedanta), Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Nonduality, by contemporary and traditional spiritual teachers including Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Rumi, Jean Klein, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Papaji, the Dalai Lama, Francis Lucille, Eckhart Tolle, Lao Tzu, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Mooji, Wayne Dyer and many more.

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We can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel...

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” ~ Margaret Fuller

In our last post on June 19th, we said the “... new will be launching in a matter of days …”

Well, the countdown has begun and it is launching next week …

Here is a very tiny “peek into” what’s to come : one of our new web pages - ‘course not all is revealed :-)


The exact launch date will be revealed in the next post - here and on facebook, twitter, and Google+ …

So please stay tuned ...

Again, thank You for your patience …

In gratitude,
Cherie & Sanjiv .. and Chris


Image Credit: A partial snapshot of our new “Art & Consciousness” page.

Finally … The Blossoming Is In Sight !

“... Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen….” ~ Epictectus

The wait is almost over …

For months we have had our pop up banner stating that we are undergoing major renovation … but finally we can say - the wait is almost over ! …

… the major renovation is ALMOST DONE !

For the last several months, we have been hard at work redoing the website - a completely redesigned underlying structure and curating over 900 “web pages” (blog posts, video posts, static pages).

The new will be launching in a matter of days …

We are still holding off on announcing an exact date but will be posting an update every couple days - here and on facebook, twitter, and Google+ …

So please stay tuned ...

Thank You for your patience during this long journey …

In gratitude,
Chris and Sanjiv & Cherie

Image Credit: Nearly Time, by Dave Crosby, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Rumi’s Poetry and Sufism ...
"... Why look for God ? .... Look for the one looking for God ... but then Why look at all ? ... He is not lost ... He is right here ... Closer than your own breath!" ~Rumi
"... The supreme vision of Sufism is to see God everywhere, to view every part of creation as a reflection of God’s glory. The poet Jami writes: “Every branch and leaf and fruit reveals some aspect of God’s perfection: the cypress gives hint of His Majesty; the rose gives tidings of His beauty.” Every atom was created by God so that man could know the highest truth and learn the secrets of love. ... To read the entire post, please click here
A Mini Introduction to Zen …

"...“Zen” simply means “meditation.” The word derives from “dhyana” in Hindi, which became “Chan” in Chinese, and “Zen” in Japanese. Zen is a form of Buddhist meditation - there is nothing to believe in, and nothing special to do or be - no special robes, no shaved heads (unless that’s what you happen to want), no special anything. We simply ... learn to pay attention to what is going on. …

This simple “summary” about Zen is excerpted from Mountain Cloud Zen Center that offers teachings in the Sanbo Zen tradition

And, Mountain Cloud’s About Zen page says: "... Zen is neither a religion nor a philosophy, though it encompasses elements of both. It is a practice of meditation and action designed to free us to live compassionate, healthy and energized lives. ..." To read the entire post, please click here

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The Scientists: Sample 1
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This is the first sample clip from the upcoming release of the Scientists. Fred Alan Wolf discusses the nature of matter.

Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through the Illusion Sample 6
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Sample clip from the production, Scott Kiloby: Seeing through the Illusion. Christopher Hebard of Stillness Speaks interviews Scott Kiloby.

Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through the Illusion Sample 5
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The 5th preview video from the upcoming production, Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through the Illusion with Scott Kiloby and Chrstopher Hebard.

Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through Sample 4
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The 4th preview video from the upcoming production, Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through the Illusion with Scott Kiloby and Chrstopher Hebard

Scott Kiloby: Seeing Through the Illusion, Preview 3
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Sample clip from the video production, Scott Kiloby: Seeing Thorough the Illusion

Rupert Spira: Everything is made out of your Self
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In another of his beautiful short films shot on Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Rupert Spira talks about how everything is made of your Self.


Welcome to StillnessSpeaks!... The major renovation (new look-and-feel, new content, and more) of our website & social channels is ALMOST DONE!...
Check for updates here on our blog...

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