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“Listening to the eternal involves a silence within us.” ~ Thomas Kelly

Welcome to StillnessSpeaks’ audio library. Below is a small sampling of our audio content that is currently available through streaming, i.e., listen from this website page only. In future, we will add the capability to download these audio files (MP3s) so you can listen on your favorite media player online or offline.

Over time, we will add audio content in the form of podcasts, so you can subscribe and automatically receive notifications when new episodes are published.

“Each voice is distinct and has something to say. Each voice deserves to be heard. But it requires the act of listening.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams

Nature of Experience

by Rupert Spira | Chris Hebard of StillnessSpeaks talks about the nature of experience with Advaita nonduality teacher Rupert Spira.

Advice for Someone Seeking the Self

by Stephen Wolinsky | Chris Hebard asks Stephen Wolinsky's : what advice would you give to anyone seeking the self...

The Sense of Dis-ease

by Scott Kiloby | Scott Kiloby and Chris Hebard discuss "the Sense of Dis-Ease."

Seeking Falls Away

by Jeff Foster | Chris Hebard of StillnessSpeaks discusses seeking with Advaita nonduality teacher Jeff Foster.

Why Even Ask: Who Am I?

by Chuck Hillig | Chris Hebard of StillnessSpeaks and Chuck Hillig on the subject of Why Even Ask...Who Am I?

Chris Hebard interviews Robert Rabbin

by Robert Rabbin | Stillness Speaks Chris Hebard in an interview with Robert Rabbin

What's Not Happening

by Paul Hedderman | Chris Hebard of StillnessSpeaks converses with Paul Hedderman on What's Not Happening

The Absence of a Tendency of Avoidance.

by Karl Renz | Karl Renz and Chris Hebard discuss "The Absence of a Tendency of Avoidance."

Is There Such a Thing as Enlightenment?

by Greg Goode | Greg discusses if there is such a thing as Enlightenment, and if so, what is it?


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