In the journey of self discovery, inevitably the seeker – after having explored volumes of spiritual texts – realizes that an intellectual pursuit is futile … as many sages have said in different ways “… start tasting the dish on the menu instead of just reading it …” … ultimately, what matters is direct experience.

Such direct experience is formless yet is experienced by form, it is unfathomable, beyond imagination, it defies the mind – and is considered inexpressible.

Yet, we also have a voice within that “that opens up the vistas of the universe” and allows us to “see” with illuminated clarity – a “seeing” that is ultimately a “stateless” state – an ecstatic state.

“There is a voice in us all that is ever present, a voice that always sings its melody to the world. This is a voice of truth and certainty, the voice that lays bare the hidden mysteries of the soul.”

Seemingly, such resplendence is a “normal” habitat of poet-saints or mystical poets – they see the Divine everywhere and their words are “charged with purity and Divine refulgence.” Their poetry is from the heart and is an expression of their love for the Divine and in this expression they touch the ocean of oneness.

And in doing so, such poet-saints give us a glimpse, or taste, of eternity – the landscape of mystical poetry … where poetry and consciousness intersect.
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There is a way between voice and presence
where information flows.

In disciplined silence it opens
With wandering talk it closes.
~ From The Essential Rumi, Translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne.
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We are launching with minimal content – primarily migrated posts from old site  – but expect lot more in future. We will be featuring mystical poets (such as Hafiz, Kabir, Blake, Rilke, Nirmala – the list is endless), and lot more.

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The italicized quoted text in the prose above is from Jonathan Star, Rumi – In the Arms of the Beloved.

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