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“Your own self realization is the greatest service you can give the world.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Stillness Speaks is a preeminent resource for self inquiry and self exploration – the endless journey of self realization. We offer works of teachers (luminaries), and wisdom traditions (paths), both historical and contemporary, Eastern and Western, indigenous and otherwise. Our approach is integral – all are welcome!

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Zen in Japan: Dogen Zenji (Part 5)

In spring hundreds of flowers, in autumn the clear moon,
In summer a cool breeze, and in winter the white snow,
if your mind is free of vanity, then every season is fine.”

In Part 5 of this series, we delve into the mystery and promise of Zen, particularly Zen in Japan … as we continue to explore the fundamental question: Is the Eastern Wisdom of India, Tibet and Japan relevant  in contemporary American Culture?

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Pir Elias: Meditations on Nondual Awakening

“Open now into the clear presence of this moment … silent and open …” ~ Elias Amidon

Free Medicine – Meditations on Nondual Awakening, is a recently published book by a “soon to be added” teacher: Pir Elias Amidon. Connie Shaw, the publisher, graciously offered 3 chapters, as a PDF, for free download in this post.

“… This book is a companion for those whose deepest desire is to experience first-hand the good news at the heart of reality … it’s revealed in the ceaseless spontaneity of the present moment …”

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“Devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

The greatest mystery of all: as your journey progresses, you will discover that there truly is only one teacher and that teacher is ultimately found within. Until then, we have many sages that guide us along … or illuminate the way …. we are honored to offer a small sampling of these luminaries … a list that will grow with time.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle

We offer explorations into the many paths up the mountain:” from Christian to Sufi, from Zen to Hindu, Kabbalist to Kashmir Shaivism, Advaitic to Indigenous, from philosophical to atheist, from spiritual to scientific – an endless list, that will continue to grow ! …

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