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“Your own self realization is the greatest service you can give the world.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Stillness Speaks is a preeminent resource for self inquiry and self exploration – the endless journey of self realization. We offer works of teachers (luminaries), and wisdom traditions (paths), both historical and contemporary, Eastern and Western, indigenous and otherwise.

Our approach is integral – all are welcome!

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Richard Rohr’s Bottom-Up Spirituality

People who’ve had any genuine spiritual experience always know that they don’t know. They are utterly humbled before mystery. They are in awe before the abyss of it all, in wonder at eternity and depth, and a Love, which is incomprehensible to the mind.

Stillness Speaks is pleased to introduce Richard Rohr … enjoy this sampling of his radical and refreshing Christian perspective … with more to come in the future.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: Prior to Consciousness

I, by Myself, Awareness, descend into this consciousness, and in this consciousness I express Myself in manifold ways, in innumerable forms. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Stillness Speaks is pleased to offer a sampling of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s perspective on Awareness & Consciousness as part of our ongoing exploration of this topic. We offer a downloadable book (PDF), Prior to Consciousness, a compilation of question & answer sessions with Nisargadatta in 1980-81. 

This post, a first in a series, provides a brief taste of Sri Maharaj’s work … with many more to follow …

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“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path …” Buddha

Over the years, we’ve recorded some videos with teachers that — until now — have only been available on DVD.

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NEW VIDEO ADDED: One Bright Pearl:  A Conversation About Zen & Awakening … available as a selection – for limited time only.

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“Devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

The greatest mystery of all: as your journey progresses, you will discover that there truly is only one teacher and that teacher is ultimately found within. Until then, we have many sages that guide us along … or illuminate the way …. we are honored to offer a small sampling of these luminaries … a list that will grow with time.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle

We offer explorations into the many paths up the mountain:” from Christian to Sufi, from Zen to Hindu, Kabbalist to Kashmir Shaivism, Advaitic to Indigenous, from philosophical to atheist, from spiritual to scientific – an endless list, that will continue to grow ! …

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