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Pradeep Apte: The Unborn Nisargadatta

“In solitude I keep meditating on the truth ‘I am Unborn’ and thus I always know that the memory ‘I am’ is false.”  ~ Pradeep Apte

In this book of short verses, The Unborn Nisargadatta, Pradeep Apte celebrates and embellishes the teachings and example of Nisargadatta Maharaj. This preview presents a few meditative verses to provide a taste of the work.

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Adyashanti: Foundation for Living Our True Nature

“The Way of Liberation is a way of completely facing yourself…without withdrawing into denial, judgment, or magical thinking. It is a means of piercing through the veils of illusion and awakening to Truth.”  ~ Adyashanti

Adyashanti offers a foundation for “… living and manifesting the ultimate nature of Reality in daily life …” as part of his guide to spiritual awakening, from his book The Way of Liberation.

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Nirmala: How to Live From the Heart

“The Heart is the totality of your connection with the essential qualities and greater dimensions of your true nature as limitless Being.”  ~ Nirmala

Living from the Heart offers a beautiful exploration about how to live. Nirmala’s language and tone is easily absorbed. Each section has instructive practices that help the reader embody his teachings. Read this preview of his book.

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Rupert Spira on Sat Chit Ananda, Part 3 of 3

“That which is, never ceases to be. That which is not, never comes into Being.” ~ Parmenides

Our three part series with Rupert Spira on Sat Chit Ananda or “truth, consciousness, and bliss” concludes with Part 3. Explore how Consciousness is all that is every really known; and… Consciousness not only creates whatever it imagines. It also has a veiling power...sometimes called ignorance.

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Rupert Spira on Sat Chit Ananda, Part 2 of 3

…the existence of two things, in fact implies the existence of an infinity of things, each with their own independent reality. In other words, an infinity of things, implies an infinity of realities. ~Rupert Spira

Our three part series with Rupert Spira on Sat Chit Ananda or “truth, consciousness, and bliss” continues with Part 2. Rupert begins by exploring the experience of consciousness in the present moment.

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Finding Deeper Happiness

“…although the the techniques, the focus strategies, that are used around the world are quite different, they all build a combination of fundamental attention skills.”  ~ Shinzen Young

In the short video Finding Deeper Happiness, Shinzen Young explores: Are there similar techniques and approaches across spiritual traditions that lead to the same destination? This post previews his answer.

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Gangaji: You Are Already Whole, Part 1 of 2

This moment is now. Now does not mean in the present. Now is before past, present, and future. ~  Gangaji

This preview of You are Already Whole, Part 1, by author and contemporary non-duality sage Gangaji explores questions about living, being and suffering, all within our innate wholeness.

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Pir Elias Amidon: Open Awareness

Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change… It is the common matrix of every experience. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Stillness Speaks is pleased to offer the Preface and first chapter from Pir Elias Amidon’s book, The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness. Read this overview of Pir Elias’ writing about intimate awareness and learning to see with the eye of the heart. 

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Rupert Spira on Sat Chit Ananda, Part 1 of 3

There is nothing more essential or primal in our experience than this Knowing Being…This essential Knowing of our own Being is what is referred to by the word Happiness. ~ Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira answers questions about Sat Chit Ananda or “truth, consciousness, bliss,” an epithet and description for the subjective experience of the ultimate, unchanging reality in Hinduism. Rupert explores sat chit ananda with clarity and depth in part one of this three part series.

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Spontaneous Glimpses & Leaking Samadhi, Part 3

”you need to have concentration, clarity and equanimity … you are trying to detect something very subtle, the presence of the eternal observer, the still point of the turning world.” ~ Shinzen Young

This post previews Part 3 of the short video-clip series with Shinzen Young. Shinzen goes into detail about mindfulness practice, particularly focusing on concentration, clarity, and equanimity … and also covers self inquiry in the context of mindfulness practice.

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Shinzen Young: Is {Spiritual} Practice Necessary?

“… some even say all practice is unnecessary or even worse it reinforces the belief in separation …”

In this Spontaneous Glimpses & Leaking Samadhi, Part 2 video clip, Shinzen Young answers : is practice necessary ? …

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