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Zen in Japan: Dogen Zenji (Part 5)

In spring hundreds of flowers, in autumn the clear moon,
In summer a cool breeze, and in winter the white snow,
if your mind is free of vanity, then every season is fine.”

In Part 5 of this series, we delve into the mystery and promise of Zen, particularly Zen in Japan … as we continue to explore the fundamental question: Is the Eastern Wisdom of India, Tibet and Japan relevant  in contemporary American Culture?

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Pir Elias: Meditations on Nondual Awakening

“Open now into the clear presence of this moment … silent and open …” ~ Elias Amidon

Free Medicine – Meditations on Nondual Awakening, is a recently published book by a “soon to be added” teacher: Pir Elias Amidon. Connie Shaw, the publisher, graciously offered 3 chapters, as a PDF, for free download in this post.

“… This book is a companion for those whose deepest desire is to experience first-hand the good news at the heart of reality … it’s revealed in the ceaseless spontaneity of the present moment …”

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Rumi: Discernment and Surrender

You said, “Who’s at the door?”
I said. “Your slave.”

You said, “What do you want?”
I said. “To see you and bow.”

“You said, “Who did you come with?”
The majestic imagination you gave me.”

Enjoy Rumi’s entire poem “Talk through the door” …

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Henry Shukman: Koan Training in the West

“… Understanding “self” as a “sensorium” constructed from several channels of experience, and seeing through the illusion … seeing through to Zero, the fundamental infinite-empty-oneness of self and world, space and time …” Henry Shukman

Henry writes a message in Mountain Cloud Zen Center’s weekly newsletter. This post is his message from the January 24, 2017 weekly Newsletter …

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Emptiness by Greg Goode (Part 1 of 10)

“Finding the absence of the inherently existent self is realizing the emptiness of the self.” ~ Greg Goode

A comprehensive overview of the Indo-Tibetan approach to Prasangika Madhyamaka …

In this 10-part seriesGreg takes us on a deep dive into emptiness … in this Part 1 he gives us an overview of the series and addresses the question: Why Emptiness?


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Pir Elias: Acceptance, Silence, Awe, & More …

“… accept things exactly as they are, including your wanting them to be different. In that acceptance, a way forward is gently given …” ~ Pir Elias

In this beautiful and profound post, guest author, Pir Elias Amidon, shares some “suggestions and aphorisms” on acceptance, silence, awe, and more … his teacher page will be coming soon.


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Many Roads to Awakening or Here/Now (Part 3 of 3)

“The ever-present, ever-changing, nonconceptual actuality of the present moment is effortlessly presenting itself right now. Here / Now is the boundlessness that has no opposite and no other. This is it.” ~ Joan Tollifson

In this concluding Part of the 3-part series, guest author, Joan Tollifson continues her exploration of the “many roads to Here / Now” … and shares additional “roads” like “devotion” or “doing” and more … enjoy! …

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Greg Goode: After Awareness – The End of the Path

The direct path, taught by Shri Atmananda Krishna Menon, is “a way of reaching lasting love and happiness undisturbed by conditions.”

We are delighted to introduce Greg Goode’s latest book: After Awareness – The End of the Path … he has also graciously provided the books’ summary for free download in this post.

In Greg’s own words: “This book discusses aspects of the direct path that are rarely if ever written down…. In this book I’m not giving pointers or exercises to assist in nondual realization. Rather, I wish to provide a look at the inner workings of the direct path, to show how the machinery does its work …

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Many Roads to Awakening or Here/Now (Part 2 of 3)

“… we are not a discrete unit of consciousness encapsulated inside a body, but that the body, the mind, and this whole universe is in this aware space that is what “I” truly am … Awareness is boundless. It has no location, no owner … all experiences appear within it. Awareness beholds it all … is not separate from what appears within it … is the very substance or nature of what appears …” ~ Joan Tollifson

In this Part 2 of the 3-part series, guest author Joan Tollifson continues her exploration of the “many roads to Here / Now” or awakening … and shares some more “roads”enjoy!

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Rumi: Trusting The Universe – Fear or Blessing?

Invariably or maybe inevitably, themes, or principles, like “Trust the universe” … or … “let go” … or … “allow it to happen” … are encountered in the journey of self discovery, the journey where discovering one’s True Nature is the primary yearning … the exquisite, endless, paradoxical journey of self realization. Incorporating, or integrating, or living with such trust in one’s life is considered by many sages to be one of the signs of spiritual maturity.

Enjoy what Rumi has to say about this …

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Many Roads to Awakening or Here/Now (Part 1 of 3)

“The ever-present, ever-changing, nonconceptual actuality of the present moment is effortlessly presenting itself right now. This bare being is nondual, undivided, boundless, and without obstruction. … ”  ~ Joan Tollifson

In Part 1 of this 3 part series guest author, Joan Tollifson, explores the different approaches to awakening or waking up … or in her words, the “… many different roads to Here / Now …”


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Rumi: The Moment …

This world is a moment,
a pouring that refreshes and renews itself …

Happy New Year dear Stillness Speaks community …

May this year be filled with continuous sparks of joy, peace and contentment !

Enjoy the above full Rumi poem and more …

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