This comprehensive Introduction to Philip Renard‘s book Non-Dualism: Eastern Enlightenment in the World of Western Enlightenment is a sweeping exploration of self-realisation and non-duality.

“Nowadays the notion of Self-realisation is more popular than ever. Many books are devoted to this theme. The time seems ripe to offer a view that is more in-depth than most of the books now available, more informative about sources and intricacies of this issue. Otherwise ‘Self-realisation’ could be discarded by people more thoroughly inclined, as being something trivial or trendy.”

Philip Renard was born in Amsterdam in 1944. After a period of studying the original teachings of Ch’an Buddhism, he started practicing his spiritual life in Subud (a Java based brotherhood), in which the surrender practice called latihangave him a foundation for all further insight, that is: freedom from concept or method. (See Philip’s website for more details about Philip and his work)

This Introduction presents the three primary non-dual traditions,

  1. Advaita (in Vedanta as well as in advaitic-tantric Shaivism)
  2. Ch’an (& Zen)
  3. Dzogchen

“These three traditions distinguish themselves by strongly and explicitly emphasizing, more than other traditions do, the non- conceptual as the ultimate truth, and the necessity of the immediate experience of this truth”

This article explores the nature of non-dual reality and how it relates to awakening. Topics included: Hierarchy, Love, Sexual Relationships, Real Understanding, and Interpretations of Enlightenment.

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