Stillness Speaks is excited to offer this excerpt from Richard Sylvester’s latest book, Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers.

Richard Sylvester is a humanistic psychologist, therapist and lecturer. In addition to Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers, he has written four books about non-duality including  I Hope You Die Soon, The Book Of no One, and Drink Tea, Eat Cake.

Richard holds regular meetings in London about non-duality and also gives talks in Munich, Berlin and Paris. He is currently writing a book about his years of spiritual seeking called Confessions Of A Seeker. Publication of this book is planned for late 2017 or early 2018. If you would like to know more you can visit Richard’s website: www.richardsylvester.com.

Enjoy this excerpt, available for download in pdf form and reprinted with permission: New Harbinger Publications, Inc., copyright (c) 2016 Richard Sylvester.

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