“What is this life really about? Many people throughout space and time have asked this question. As Buddhist practitioners, we have a vehicle for reflecting on this question — the Precepts or Jukai. In Japanese, Kai means ‘vow’ and Ju conveys ‘to let go.’ Daido Loori Roshi offered a story to illustrate how he interprets the meaning of Jukai. One day, his young son was standing on a dresser and just threw himself from that height into his father’s arms. This is a wonderful description of what Jukai feels like. Receiving Jukai is letting go, letting go into the best of who you really are, no longer restrained or confused by a false sense of the lessness of things.”…. ” ~ excerpts from this article by Roshi Joan Halifax and Irene Joko Bahker, Jisen McFarland, Beate Stolte, Jean Wilkins (August 2007)

This article (PDF) is sourced from Upaya Zen Center.

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