Many authentic teachers of the ultimate Truth and happiness have credited the work of Lester Levenson. A successful businessman from the United States, Lester had a “dark night of the soul” experience, finding himself both miserable and at the brink of death from a second heart attack, chronic jaundice, migraine headaches, perforated ulcers, and kidney stones. The doctors had given up on him.

Lester sensed that the stress, unhappiness and circumstances of his life were self created. Armed only with this intuition, he discarded all that he knew and asked himself the fundamental question: what was it that made him happy? As the Truth began to unfold for him, his attention turned to the more primary question: who or what, exactly, is it that I call “I”.

Lester’s remarkable recovery and ultimate liberation resulted in the creation of the “Sedona Method,” a remarkable and popular road map to true happiness, peace, love, and beauty. The work is continued today by the equally remarkable Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Sedona Method,” one of the teachers in the popular movie, “The Secret,” and CEO of Sedona Training Associates. Visit him at sedona.com.

Less known is Lester’s book, “The Keys to Ultimate Freedom,” long out of print and highly sought after by mature seekers throughout the world. For those interested in paperback, you can purchase a copy via Amazon.

One of Lester’s students gave us a copy of the original manuscript in Word to distribute freely to seekers of Truth. With great deference to those still involved with Lester’s work, and in the hope that this free document will help others on the path to self discovery, we offer you this masterful work by an American for Americans (PDF).

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