Ellen Emmet

Ellen’s deepest longing for the absolute was fulfilled when she met her teacher, Francis Lucille. In his presence, over many years, she awakened to her true nature of peace and happiness through continuous and deepening glimpses. The process of aligning and stabilizing her life to and in this beautiful non-dual understanding has never ceased to unfold since then.

As a child Ellen was in love with movement and dance. She knew without words the joy and limitless transparency that the body dissolved into when it was free and alive.

As an adolescent and young adult, she acutely felt and enacted suffering through her body, struggling with an eating disorder and with depression.

Thus, the experience that we call the body has always been central to all of Ellen’s experiences, both in the ignoring and in the recognition of her true nature.” ~ excerpted from Ellen Emmet’s website

Ellen effortlessly brings yoga, dance, and movement into the investigation of one’s true nature. She currently lives in Oxford with her husband Rupert Spirahas a practice as a pyschotherapist, leads courses on the Essence of Yoga (an exploration of the body sourced in the tradition of Kashmir Shivaism), and teaches throughout the world including the US, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, and England.

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Below is Ellen’s talk at Science and Non Duality from December 2013:



Marlies Cocheret and Ellen Emmet on ‘The Feminine Face of God’
London, January 2014


Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Gangaji

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