Peter Dziuban

Peter is a very unusual addition to our Contemporary Teachers section. You won’t find him hanging around satsangs or even listed on most advaita websites. That’s because, at least technically, he never was a “non-dualist” or an “advaitin.” He came to the topic without any reading, teaching or training in Advaita. In fact, from his perspective, the crowning achievement of his book, called Consciousness is All (available here), ultimately disputes the description of body/mind world as either reality or illusion.

You can read the first chapter FREE  from the book “Consciousness is All” by clicking here. 

Now, if this initial chapter has aroused your curiosity and you sincerely want to delve into the reality of your direct experience, you might want to read Chapter 12: Fact: Consciousness is What the Present Is and more (chapters 12, 13, 14, & 16)  from Consciousness is All.

If you are still with us, then, read this article by Peter Dziuban called “Infinity is a Synonym for Being.”

Now, Truth is Truth.

And, what is he does is something like a hydrogen bomb going off to those still grasping onto the body, mind and world, looking for answers.

As Consciousness, Peter might say that there is no chance of anchoring one foot in the finite while attempting to discover the Truth about the Infinite. This book is a headlong leap into Reality as told by Reality.

Make no mistake, Consciousness is All is a rapid ride down Alice’s rabbit hole, never to turn back. The logic is airtight. And, more importantly, it fits, “nothing ever happened.”

Enough said. The book and author are exceptional. Read the free samples above and then get the book.

For more details about his teachings, visit his website or his YouTube channel. He offers a collection of his audio clips from his books Simply Notice and Consciousness Is All – some are free and some for purchase. You can also engage him, and other like minded friends, at Peter’s Consciousness is All Facebook Group.

Watch more Peter Dziuban videos in our library.

Here’s a clip from Peter’s Time Out! series. Peter Dziuban: Time Out! #4 – Floating-ness Is All

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