Robert Adams

Robert had an early childhood spontaneous awakening. Subsequently, he visited with Paramahansa Yogananda for whom he had the highest regard. Finally, he moved to Tiruvannamalai where he shed the last vestiges of ego upon his first visual contact with Ramana.

Here are some of his words which deeply resonate:

“Always remember, deep in your heart that All is Well and everything is Unfolding as it should. You are the Self (God Within), That perfect, immutable Self. There is only the one Self and you are That. You are Bright and Shining. You are the sun behind the clouds. Rejoice! All is Well.

This Supernal Awareness that everything is Well, is of The Ultimate. Yet you are in a human bod and you must honor what is required to respect this journey. Everything that you do and say will return to you in order to learn compassion. Therefore it behooves you to abide in Goodness while you are in this world. Be humble, gentle and strong. Alleviate the suffering of others. This is Truth. This is the highest thing that you can do while you are on this earth. This is holiness.”

For more details about Robert’s teachings, visit his official website, The Robert Adams Infinity Institute.  Also, additional information can be found on – a website maintained by a group of volunteers that are students & friends of Robert. They offer a page with various videos on or about Robert. This same group also maintains a Robert Adams Students and Friends YouTube channel with the explicit purpose to “… discuss his work, share stories about him, find out more about his life and teachings …”

And, here are some of Robert’s videos in our library.

Remembering Robert Adams – Alan Jacobs (part 1) ~ From Robert Adams Students and Friends YouTube Channel

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David Godman: Tells the story of Robert Adams and Ramana Maharshi meeting in 1947.
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