In every instant there’s dying and coming back around
This world is a moment,
a pouring that refreshes and renews itself so rapidly

the moment renewal
it seems continuous,
as a burning stick taken from the fire
looks like a golden wire when you swirl it in the air,
so we feel duration as a string of sparks.

fire sparks

Happy New Year dear Stillness Speaks community … May this year be filled with continuous sparks of joy, peace and contentment …

Any cup I hold fills with wine
that lovers drink. Every word

I say opens into the mystery.
Any way I turn I see brilliance.

starry sky


Both Rumi Poems excerpted from: The Soul of Rumi, Translations by Coleman Barks.

Images (edited and logo added): 1) 553836 by Peter Pham, CC BY 2.0, 2) Fire Sparks by Si_Platt, CCO Public Domain, 3) My nights in Cabo de Gata by Abel Maestro Garcia, Public Domain.

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