“Everything you see tells the story of God. Look at it. God is out spread, filling the entire universe. So look. You exist in a form. God is without form. You are the visible example, the sun. God is the light within the sun. ~ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

god sun bawa muhaiyaddeen

We continue to express our deepest gratitude to all the people on the “COVID-19 Frontline” 


These first responders/public-servants are ensuring our safety and well being by being at the frontlines of this “battle.” These responders are from all the pertinent segments such as healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, hospital/medical-services staff – firefighters, law enforcement, volunteers, and any/all the people involved in keeping the “system-at-large” functioning for ALL of us.

Thank You – our lives would not be possible without your dedication.

It is vital that all of us, who are able to live “inside and do remote work,” do our part in ensuring the safety and well being of these responders … so please visit our post Kindness: Buddha & Dalai Lama & COVID-19 to find out how you can support these frontline responders.

Our usual Wednesday post has been delayed … stay  tuned … it may appear later this week .. and if not then next Wednesday/Apr 22nd at the usual 8AM MDT …

Meanwhile … enjoy a gem from Bawa Muhaiyaddeen who was Coleman Barks’ Sufi teacher.

Bawa guided Coleman on his journey of translating Rumi – one could claim that Bawa was instrumental in deepening Coleman’s appreciation of Rumi … during the early stages of the translation work Coleman “saw” Bawa in his dreams but did not know who he was … subsequently Coleman was led (synchronistically) to a satsang gathering by a teacher who was Bawa! …

For a very brief commentary on Bawa by Coleman, read Ocean Love: The Larger Love – Rumi … and if your interest is really peaked re Bawa and Coleman’s story of “coming to Rumi” then get his book The Essential Rumi and read the section (after the main poems) A Note on These Translations and a Few Recipes.

Opening Quote: Rumi: The Book of Love by Coleman Barks.
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