“… Life awakens in the pale and flowing
Blue light of dawn …” ~ Jonathan Ellerby

dawn god's light

God approaches
Like sunrise.

As the light draws near
Life awakens
in the pale and flowing
Blue light of dawn
Birds prepare the day

It is impossible to sleep now
With the promise of light so near
I stay awake, waiting for the arrival

I’d give my life just to wait for you

Every step a prayer for you
Every step a moment closer to you

I am so lost now,
I cannot distinguish my love for you

From my love for the path toward you
In through the beauty
of nature’s color and dancing energy
Into a force and presence within all.

Each is illuminated in The One,
And we merge
I, too, become the love and clear light that you are

I seek you until
Nothing is left
but you, and then
Only Love and Light remain.

~ Jonathan Ellerby

A Simple Truth

Life is precious. All life is precious. It’s astonishing when we acknowledge the miracle of its diversity, tenacity, complexity, and beauty. Life is blissful and horrifying. There are those who waste it, those who destroy it, and those who fight for their portion of it.

And there are those who honor it, celebrate it, and share it. In this moment, existence itself is the one undeniable thing that all people and creatures—all forces of nature—have in common.

Everything that exists right now coexists with you. It is all a part of you, an extension of yourself.

This existence can be analyzed and explained in a million ways. Science and art will dance and debate forever. There can be no final answer or universal agreement because existence is as personal as your own breath and as confounding as the outer edges of the universe.

Regardless of the story you accept about this great existence, you have a choice: what will you do with this extraordinary gift of life and consciousness that you have?


All Italicized text is excerpted from Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening By Jonathan H. Ellerby.
Images (edited):  1) Birds Dawn by PexelsCCO Public Domain.


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