Wolter Keers was one of the first to introduce Advaita Vedanta to the Netherlands.

Wolter Keers

Below are some excerpts about Wolter, from advaita info:

He travelled extensively in India during the 1950’s, becoming a disciple of both Ramana Maharshi and Atmananda Krishna Menon. He returned and began teaching in Brussels during the 1970’s. In 1977, he founded a publication called Yoga Advaita (1977-1982) and Advaita. He was published in The Mountain Path, the magazine of the Ramanasramam. He also translated the book entitled, I am That, written by Nisagadatta Maharaj into Dutch.

Johan van der Kooij, writing about his teacher, Jean Klein, said Wolter was not typical:

“When I wanted to begin doing yoga, I met Wolter Keers. He absolutely didn’t fit the image of a yoga teacher in my eyes. He smoked and drank whatever he felt like …” … 

“I was taken by his erudition and insight. Through him I came to know that there were more forms of yoga than the widely-known hatha-yoga (body yoga). I spoke with Wolter about spirituality, life questions and Self-realization once a week for two years. Wolter became a friend and teacher. My trip home began. To deepen this search Wolter introduced me to Jean Klein, an advaita-vedanta Guru who also gave instruction in Kashmir-yoga. “

The story of Wolter Keers’ death

“Shortly before his death in  the 80s, he invited his friends to a party at his house in his hometown. At the end of the party, he informed his friends that he was going to give up his body. He prostrated to a large photo of Sri Ramana that he had placed on the floor. Then he placed a cushion in front of the photo, laid down his head on the cushion at Sri Ramana’s feet and passed away.” ~ excerpt from Bhagavan: Remembrances of Our Days with Ramana Maharshi.

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Our Wolter Keers’ Teacher page, which will be added shortly … and as is typical of our Teacher pages, it will provide a much more comprehensive view about Wolter’s background, teachings, and wisdom.

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