“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings…” ~ Buddha

nonduality see oneness

Part 1 of this series closed off with the intent to further explore the following points:

a) How to make it understandable that non-duality is what people are looking for
b) In what way can people come to the realization of their oneness with the Absolute
c) The meaning of religion
d) Looking forward

In Part 2 Hans addressed How to make it understandable that non-duality is what people are looking for … so now we move on to …

In what way can people come to the realization of their oneness with the Absolute

Through the ages humans developed a huge ‘road map’ with information on how we should live to become more religious, spiritual or even enlightened.

Since ‘becoming aware of what we really are’ is our goal, direct self-enquiry seems the most obvious (as thought by the sage Sri Ramana Maharshi, 1879 – 1950). However, for most of us our life is too restless to accomplish this road (as demonstrated by ‘travelers’ who claim that there is ‘nothing to be found’).

nonduality road

Although everyone basically has to find his own way, I think that it is possible to map out a general ‘GPS’ road system against which all individual paths can be tested.

Please consider the following four stages. In my opinion these can be valuable to you for the rest of your life.

1. Exploring Reality

As I said before: all evil (‘sin’) comes from man´s egoism (Part 2 of 4). When we want to grow spiritually we should contemplate questions like: How is life meant to be? How should we live together? How should we treat our planet?

The challenge is to dive deep into your mind and to become aware of those aspects of your life where your self interest is contrary to the spiritual laws which sustain life. What is meant by ‘spiritual laws which sustain life’ is up to you to discover (if needed, see my book Initiation into Reality).

nonduality dive deep within

  • Raising your children as good as you can is in harmony with these laws, to cheat other people isn´t.
  • Turning away from people in need is not, commitment to socially responsible entrepreneurship is.
  • Accepting natural death as a fact of life is, violence in the name of God is not. And so on…

The meaning of ‘Exploring Reality’ is therefore: find out in what way you should change your life to be able to live in harmony with the life sustaining  primal cause (Reality) as much as possible. The ancient sages of India called this: adapting to Dharma (Sanskrit: Dhr means to sustain, Ma means primal cause).

2. Living by Reality

Thinking right and doing right are not always the same. When you start to understand the spiritual laws which sustain life (eternity sustaining temporality by love, strength, awareness and spirituality), you should start to seriously apply these laws in your life.

nonduality awareness

This means ending living from the ego (unconsciously following everything that comes into your mind) and doing ‘what is right’ as much as possible.

Not for a day or for a week, but hopefully you will gradually succeed to stick to what is right (living by Reality) for the rest of your life. Or: to (re)make your Karma (Sanskrit: making your actions Kar, in harmony with Ma, the primal cause).

3. Surrender to Reality

In the beginning the transformation from living by the ego to living by what is right may look difficult. So many ‘egos’ all around and nobody seems to care about how life is meant to be.

At this stage of spiritual growth a form of meditation should be added. In general it is sufficient to keep a daily half-hour just for yourself (yes, every day). I cannot give a meditation course here, but the point is that your daily ‘going to yourself’ gradually brings you to surrendering to …..(your assumed Reality).

nonduality meditation

You`ll come to realize that you don´t have to carry the load of your ego all by yourself, but that you are part of an infinite ‘presence’ that supports you.

Or: you will develop Bhakti (Sanskrit: Bhaj is to partake in, leading to love, surrender and devotion to…..).

4. Realizing Reality

Daily meditation will calm down your mind gradually. You will realize that with ‘ego’ not the sense of ‘I’ is meant, but that ego is the ‘cloud of thoughts’ that covers the brightness of your ‘inner sun of Self behind that cloud’.

nonduality sun over clouds

If you’ve come this far, the road is clear. You will train yourself to be Self-aware as much as possible.

One day this will lead to the gracious realization that your Self and the infinite (Absolute) to which you surrendered yourself are one.

This is the realization of Reality which is meant in Advaita, non-duality.

This exploration concludes in Part 4 (of 4) … where the author, Hans Meijer, will address the last two points: “The meaning of religion” and “Looking Forward” … so, stay tuned.

And click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

“There is only my-Self, Consciousness.”Nisargadata Maharaj

We are again honored to share Hans Meijer’s next guest post series. Hans is the author of the book Initiation into Reality – available for purchase on Amazon. For more on Hans’ work, please visit his website Initiation into Reality. This guest post series is authored by (& copyright of) Hans Meijer

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