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Francis Lucille Rupert Spira Paul Hedderman Henry Shukman

The recorded conversations included many teachers, most lasting an hour or more, e.g., Peter Dziuban, Jeff Foster, Greg Goode (re AK Menon teachings), Paul Hedderman, Jac O’Keeffe, Scott Kiloby, Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira … and some of shorter duration, e.g., Loibon Le Baaba, Peter Fenner, Chuck Hillig, Vijay Kapoor, Loch Kelly,  Joel Morwood, Stephen Wolinsky, and others.

“When we begin to believe that there is greater joy in working with and for others, rather than just for ourselves, then our society will truly become a place of celebration …” ~ Jean Vanier


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Rupert Spira

In The Transparency of Things, Rupert and Chris explore the Nature (or the Truth) of our experience right here and now, by walking with the viewer through a series of exercises to clearly demonstrate that the belief in separation is a fiction, supported only by unexamined beliefs.

Henry Shukman

NEW Video! In One Bright Pearl, Henry and Chris dialog about: Shakyamuni Buddha’s Awakening … happiness, suffering … What is Zen? … particularly Sanbo Zen and how it differs from other forms of Buddhism … Is Zen a religion? … What is practice? and why do we practice? What is a koan? What is kensho? … The subject of Emptiness … Shunyata. The subject of Beyond Awareness … How do we meet personal or social crisis from a zen perspective? And more.

Francis Lucille

The Gateless Gate, is one of Francis’ popular videos, where he unfolds, with great exactness the “Hot Seat” of resistance and desire, the  collapse of the separate sense of Self, the surrender to what is and the final passage thru the “Gateless Gate.”

Paul Hedderman

Recovery, Addiction, & Spiritual Recovery explores addiction, sheds light on the path of recovery and dramatically points to the Reality frequently called Spiritual Awakening. Heartfelt and brimming with humor, Paul and Chris Hebard intimately discuss the nature of addiction and its non-dual solution. To some, addiction is a matter of life and death; this video is not offered as a substitute for proven recovery methods. It is humbly offered to introduce the possibility of greater fulfillment and freedom.


Quotes from: Wisdom Commons.
Images (edited) : 1) Petitcodiac River Sunrise by James MannCC BY 2.0, 2) Teacher Image Collage of a) Francis Lucille Screenshot from Francis Lucille: Finding Your own answers, b) Henry Shukman by Cherie Manifest, c) Rupert Spira provided by Rupert.


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