savasana: “… nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness …” ~ Meister Eckhart

“… Everything worthwhile for the soul is gained through silence …” ~ Yogi Amrit Desai

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Savasana … is the period of relaxation at the end of a yoga session, i.e., after the movements/postures are done, everyone settles back into “resting” and is then led into an experience of deep rest. In “resting” one typically lies flat on the floor or in some cases people sit up in a lotus position or whatever’s comfortable for them. This is an important part of yoga because the postures help release the tension/blockages in the body and mind thus allowing the life force (prana) to do its healing work – particularly potent during savasana.

Savasana is an ideal time to appreciate – or “drop into” – stillness … and experience what it is ? … what it feels like – or “sounds” like? … and of course, realize the benefits!

Barb Larson Taylor suggests the following for savasana  …

Savasana: It is Peace

What does stillness sound like?
What does it sound like when you
Turn off the television set and cell phone?
What does it sound like when you
Take a break from talking
With family, friends and colleagues?
What does it sound like in your mind when you
Turn off the constant stream of thoughts?
What does stillness sound like?

What does stillness feel like?

savasana stillness winter landscape taylor

Does it feel uncomfortable?
What does stillness feel like?

What would happen if you stopped thinking about the past?
Stopped replaying the same tapes over and over in your mind?

What would happen if you stopped thinking about the future?
Always waiting with anticipation for what is next?
What would happen if you brought your focus to this moment?
This breath coming in…
This breath going out…

autumn landscape taylor

What is this?
When you hear stillness,
When you feel stillness,
When your focus is only on this moment?

It is Peace.

 ~ Barb Larson Taylor

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Despite the financial challenges that are amongst us all, if your situation allows you to donate then please visit one of the following sources … and contribute whatever is possible …

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Helping those in extreme need is the “order of the day” …


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May you experience the essence of   stillness  in your everyday life … and …

May you remain safe and healthy as you navigate these troubling times.


Meister Eckhart’s quote: Thinking Outside The Church: 110 Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Nature by Jennifer Leigh Selig.
All italicized text (including Y
ogi Desai’s opening quote – except what’s in the blockquotes) is from Soul to Soul, Poems, Prayers, And Stories To End A Yoga Class, Compiled and Edited by John Mundahl.
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Beautiful landscape with valleys, lakes and rivers in High Tatras by sugarek, 2) Winter landscape with a frozen lake by Imaginechina-Tuchong, 3) Autumn Landscape by vencav. All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).


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