The Tao Te Ching: “… Tao is both Named and Nameless
As Nameless, it is the origin of all things
As Named, it is the mother of all things
 …” ~ Lao Tzu

Lacerta’s Star The Tao Te Ching

The above excerpt (2nd stanza) is from Verse 1 of the Tao Te Ching … and it continues in the 4th stanza with:

Tao and this world seem different
but in truth they are one and the same
The only difference is in what we call them

How deep and mysterious is this unity
How profound, how great!

It is the truth behind the truth,
the hidden behind the hidden
It is the path to all wonder,
the gate to the essence of everything!

tao te ching jonathan starIndeed …  The Tao … is … the origin of all things

And it offers many simple – yet profound – keys to the essence of the Mystery … our True Nature … the Universe … and …

We’ve been exploring The Tao through Jonathan Star’s translation of Tao Te Ching … where August Gold aptly opens his Introduction with: “… Don’t let this little book fool you. It is small in size but it’s going to have a great impact on your life. It is a short eighty-one verse but it’s going to live a long time in your memory ,,,” … and …

In our first post of this exploration, Gold says it’s a “… text that feeds the mind, body, and soul, and … one which can help us transform our lives today …” …” … and …

In our 2nd post, Gold unequivocally adds that “… This is the translation for anyone truly wanting to understand the Tao Te Ching …” … and that claim bears fruit if one earnestly takes a deep dive into the book … and …

In our 3rd post, Gold, commends Jonathan’s translation as the one which “… brilliantly balances the two worlds—the academic and the experiential—in a way that I believe no other translator of the Tao Te Ching has done before him …”

So, today we offer yet another glimpse …with  Verse 14

The Tao Te Ching – Verse 14

“… Know everything in this moment and you will know the Eternal Tao …”

the tao te ching this moment lao tzu star

Eyes look but cannot see it
Ears listen but cannot hear it
Hands grasp but cannot touch it
Beyond the senses lies the great Unity—
invisible, inaudible, intangible

What rises up appears bright
What settles down appears dark
Yet there is neither darkness nor light
just an unbroken dance of shadows
From nothingness to fullness
and back again to nothingness
This formless form
This imageless image
cannot be grasped by mind or might
Try to face it
In what place will you stand?
Try to follow it
To what place will you go?

Know That which is beyond all beginnings
and you will know everything here and now
Know everything in this moment
and you will know the Eternal Tao

~~ Lao Tzu
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As we explore The Tao Te Ching, one of the natural conclusions is the oneness of us all … and in that spirit let us minimize (& hopefully dissolve) the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine … by helping in whatever way we can … and to that end here are some options:

1) NPR: Want to support the people in Ukraine? Here’s how you can help

2) Washington PostHere’s how Americans can donate to help people in Ukraine.

3) Go Fund Me: How to Help: Donate to Ukraine Relief Efforts.

4) USA Today: Want to support the people of Ukraine? These apps and websites can help you send money.

We are all facing financial challenges but IF your situation allows you to donate and help then please do so …



May you continue to embrace these simple gifts from The Tao … and incorporate them in  your daily life … and …

May you remain safe and healthy as you navigate these unsettling times.


All italicized text (including in the blockquotes) is from: Tao Te Ching: Lao Tzu, Translated by Jonathan Star.
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Lacerta’s Star Outshines a Galaxy by ESA/Hubble & NASA, 2) Tao Te Ching cover image from its Amazon page,  3) Baltic sea at beautiful sunrise in poland beach by tomas1111. All purchased from depositphotos and 123rtf and for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).


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