Walking Meditation: “… Walk and touch peace every moment. Walk and touch happiness every moment. Each step brings a fresh breeze. Each step makes a flower bloom under our feet ..” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

walking meditation flowers thich nhat hanh

Ah! … peace, happiness … and meditation … or better yet: walking meditation ….

Wanting peace and happiness for ourselves and those we love and care for seems very natural … When we explore – and practice – meditation (or mindful living), we discover the real gift behind the simplest of our everyday actions such as walking … and that’s what Thich Nhat Hanh is reminding us in sharing his thoughts on walking meditation

And, in the current “norm” of uncertainty due to COVID, it behooves us to ensure that each action is as balanced as possible … is steeped in mindfulness … is immersed with compassion … and more …

What better way to ensure such balance, mindfulness, and compassion than to be practicing walking meditation

So, today, we will, very briefly look at this simple – and everyday – reminder from Thich Nhat Hanh to be more “present” in the “here and now” … to “bring us home” …

… but before that exploration …

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Now back to … Thich Nhat Hanh … who, again, reminds us of the gift of walking meditation : “… This morning, I kneel down on the grass, when I notice your presence. Flowers that carry the marvelous smile of ineffability speak to me in silence. The message, the message of love and understanding, has indeed come to us. …”

walking meditation flowers thich nhat hanh

Walking Meditation

Take my hand.
We will walk.
We will only walk.
We will enjoy our walk
without thinking of arriving anywhere.
Walk peacefully.
Walk happily.
Our walk is a peace walk.
Our walk is a happiness walk.

Then we learn
that there is no peace walk;
that peace is the walk;
that there is no happiness walk;
that happiness is the walk.
We walk for ourselves.
We walk for everyone
always hand in hand.

walking meditation thich nhat hanh

Walk and touch peace every moment.
Walk and touch happiness every moment.

Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom under our feet.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Print on Earth your love and happiness.

Earth will be safe
when we feel in us enough safety.

 ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

And, it’s worth noting that in one of his poems titled Recommendation, he reminds us that: “… The only thing worthy of you is compassion – invincible, limitless, unconditional …”

==== === ====

May you practice walking meditation … in the daily course of your life … and … may that way of being …

… bring more compassion in your daily rhythm and interactions with others … and …

May you remain safe and healthy as you navigate these troubling times.


All Thich Nhat Hanh quotes and the poem are from Call Me by My True Names by Thich Nhat Hanh
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