Simply Waiting: “Pure waiting, not waiting for any event to happen, just waiting without wanting, can be a profound spiritual practice” ~ Peter Russell

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Indeed, Peter is pointing to a simple yet profound practice available to all of us – daily! … and it can be done whenever we are waiting for anything during the day … here’s his post on Waiting: The Simplest Meditation … and he also has a single page chapter – simple yet powerful – on Waiting Is in his book Seeds of Awakening that we shared over many months in the form of a multi-part series with chapter excerpts.

He suggests that “… When you simply wait, not waiting for anything in particular, not wishing things were different than than they are, the mind relaxes. And, as you let go of wanting, you will probably find your awareness of the present moment expanding …”

So, read … and enjoy the gifts of waiting …

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Enjoy exploring … while waiting 🙂

“… The practice of just waiting need not wait until we find ourselves waiting for a bus or sitting in a “waiting room.” Any moment of the day we can choose to pause for a while and simply wait. Waiting without any concerns about what may be next. It doesn’t matter. Waiting is. …” ~ Peter Russell

All italicized text in this post is either from the post Waiting Is from Peter’s website or from his book The Seeds of Awakening. .. and is used with his permission.

Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Park Bench by pepperminting. Pixabay License.


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