Surrendering to this moment, or allowing this moment to be just as it is, lets us navigate the deepest challenges … and {potentially or sometimes} reveals the gift that lies within:

Allowing Eckhart Tolle

“… Another pointer that helps to understand this is allowing. Allowing this moment to be as it is, just this moment, no more. Just this moment.

Suddenly there’s an inner space around it which frees you from the limitation of the form.

The greatest image of that is the crucifixion, which you may not be fond of; some people don’t like it because it’s very negative, but I believe it’s a deep symbol of a truth that perhaps at that time could not be expressed in any other way. It’s expressed in mythical form and the cross is the greatest limitation you can imagine, a torture instrument.

There’s this man nailed to the cross – a great limitation – but the cross is also the symbol of the divine and there’s deep wisdom in that.

How is it that a torture instrument is also a symbol of the divine? …”

The Gift of Surrender (& Allowing)

“… It’s about surrendering to the limitation of form, and the cross is an extreme example of that. The crucifixion means not my but thy will be done, which refers to the totality of what is.

If you surrender to what is, the extreme limitation becomes an opening into space.

That’s the deepest rule really that there is for human beings to realize that. Even the worst thing that happens to you can become the doorway then … will become the doorway into transcendence. Limitation becomes space.

That’s where human suffering comes in. There’s a grace hiding behind every form of suffering. There’s always the possibility of transcendence, which comes from not resisting the present moment. Some people need extreme suffering to be driven to that point and then suddenly something shifts.

The one thing humans need to learn so they can live a different way, so that there’s an inner freedom, is the complete transcendence of the conditioning of the past.”

Above is an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle’s interview with Common Ground, titled Just Now.
This post is an edited migration of an old Stillness Speaks 2007 post.

Post and Featured Image: Snapshot (edited) from the Video titled, Eckhart Tolle: The Dark Night of the Soul.



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