Amoda Maa: “… Awakening has nothing to do with the achievement of a special state of consciousness. It has everything to do with presence and openness …”

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Our Stillness Speaks journey is always full of mystery with unexpected and illuminating discoveries … and at times we are gifted with meeting luminaries of truth: last year we met Amoda Maa whose “… teachings offer a timeless truth that is relevant to our modern times, speaking to the contemporary seeker willing to go to the raw edge where our spirituality meets our humanity.”

We have published some of her work recently … including a new series – exploring her latest (release Oct 7, 2020) book Falling Open in a World Falling Apart – that is currently underway

Today, we are very pleased to announce adding Amoda to the list of our teachers … which is truly an honor and privilege for Stillness Speaks.

You can explore Amoda’s timeless work through her teacher page that provides access to her videos, articles, books, blog posts … and more.

“The invitation to fall open and to embrace what appears to be falling apart has always been a vital part of the lived awakening experience. And now that the world is shaking and ― dare I say it ― in the process of transformation, there is an urgency to the task at hand. Amoda speaks to this directly, and stirs the heart. Her voice is eloquent and precise ― a rich and extraordinarily valuable contribution to the current zeitgeist …” ~ Miranda Macpherson, spiritual teacher and author of The Way of Grace. on Amoda’s latest book: Falling Open in a World Falling Apart.

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Note: Currently, we are unable to add new teacher pages – simply due to resource limitations … however, thanks to Amoda, who very graciously provided all the comprising elements of (& other details re) her teacher page (videos, articles/PDF, and more) which allowed us to publish her teacher page in lieu of today’s long post. Prior to Amoda’s page, the previous teacher page was added in October 2017.

May the insights offered here help you embrace openness … and …

And may you remain safe and healthy as you navigate this global crisis …

All italicized text above (including quotes/text in the blockquoted segments) is excerpted from Amoda’s website … and is published here with her generous and gracious permission.


Amoda’s opening quote from her blog post: Light of The World.
Miranda’s testimonial on Amoda’s latest book (Falling Open in a World Falling Apart) is excerpted from Amoda’s website page on the book.
Images (edited & Logo added): 1 & Featured) Sunrise over boulders at Cavallo Island in Corsica by joningall, 2) Amoda’s edited image used here with her permission. All except 2 are purchased from depositphotos, and are for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post). 2 is provided by Amoda with permission to be used on our website and other digital assets.


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