“You are the very consciousness in which all you know appears” ~ Francis Lucille

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“… although I can’t imagine not having the wisdom that is available with a nondual-direct-path perspective, and although having this knowledge at the moment brings with it great feelings of gratitude, I can honestly say that the direct path is not a prescription that takes away or otherwise shields one from the vicissitudes of life. In fact, being knowingly the open, non-local field of the present awareness I call James allows everything to be experienced fully …” ~ James (“Jimmy”) Hurley

The journey of self realization or awakening brings many practical benefits along the way. We tend to live more mindfully, we naturally deepen compassion and are drawn to leading more balanced life. It allows us to be compassionate not only with ourselves as we meet the various everyday challenges of life but also towards others and their circumstances and challenges. This, in turn, allows us to help others in need …

In that spirit of helping others, our most recent newsletter (Sep 18th) was an appeal to our subscriber community to help James “Jimmy” Hurley (a long time Stillness Speaks community member and a generous supporter) …

So, why the appeal? … because Jimmy is dealing with stage 4 prostate cancer and needs all the help he can get, especially financial so he can complete his treatment (the first part has reduced one tumor by 50% and the 2nd has started disintegrating) … and we are very grateful that, so far, the Stillness Speaks community has helped raise approx. $4500 (total raised $14,335 as of the publish time of this post) towards the goal of $90K over the course of just a few days – see Jimmy’sGoFundMe page for more details. We are most grateful to all those who have been able to donate. Obviously, collectively, more needs to be done …

The readers of the newsletter have some sense of Jimmy’s “life story” but there is more to “know” … both for those who have read and contributed but also for others who may be just discovering this post (and thereby Jimmy).

Turns out, Jimmy’s explorations into our True Nature have resulted in some writings that are relevant for Stillness Speaks : an unpublished book Zero Distance that’s about “A paradigm to understanding WHO YOU ARE And finding lasting happiness and peace” … and an essay (about spiritual identity) written for Greg Goode’s project Real-World Nonduality – both of which we’ll be delving into; in this series …

Jimmy’s also a practitioner and teacher of The Sedona Method (by Lester Levenson) and he considers Francis Lucille as his current teacher (Francis is a luminary in the nonduality tradition) and …

During his time with Francis Lucille, there were “… periods of intense reflection and as a result I was filled with inspiration that overflowed in me in the form of poetry ...” He uses some of this poetry to underscore points in Zero Distance

So in this series, we will explore Jimmy’s writings as part of our efforts to help him raise the necessary funds for his cancer treatment …

Marcela & Jimmy

To get a deeper sense of the man, especially as he is in the throes of navigating cancer (a circumstance that “tests our spirituality”), here’s Jimmy’s wife, Marcela’s recent text to him :

My Dear husband: as I wait to start boarding … do you have any idea how Iucky I feel to be so blessed with your love and the tender ways you take care of me???? I can’t thank you enough for teaching, inspiring and allowing me to be myself and free in the now!!! I’m soooooo proud of you! You have been so strong throughout this journey and I’m in awe watching you overcome every little pain, every scary moment, every uncertainty… this has been hard on you, especially the last few months, and somehow you make this look easy… you are undoubtedly an example that what happens to you doesn’t define who you are!!! Thank you for all the million lessons I’ve learned witnessing your journey!!! I’m honored and immensely grateful to be Mrs. Hurley!!! (Best title I’ve ever had) LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!

Correction: no little pains… real pains that I’m sure a regular person would not be able to handle… but you my love are nothing but amazing and God will prize you for everything you’ve gone through! Watching you has given WELCOMING a new meaning! Or should I say the REAL meaning!!!! GOD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! (And I mean you and God… and me, and everything… it’s all the same!!!!!!!!)

So, here’s a sampling of Jimmy’s poetry (from Zero Distance)  …


How long have you been looking
how often have you tried
has the call for something even more
ever tickled you inside?

Has everything you’ve gotten
and all that has gone by
ever touched you in your deepest self
are you really satisfied?

Have by chance you ever noticed
how nothing ever stays the same
have you not begun to question
why you play the same ‘ol game?

While you’re living life so busy
when at home, at work or play
have you ever sensed the emptiness
and in fear you looked away?

Or by chance are you so lucky
that by grace you’ve heard the call
of the ever present longing
that’s the luckiest day of all!

Just in case you never heard this
for it’s not what most would say
it is longing that’s the surest sign
that your true self’s on its way.

Now I know you won’t believe this
for the masses never do
there’s nothing to be fixed or changed
for you to reach this self so true.

So please listen very closely
there’s a secret here for you
true happiness you’ll surely find
when you welcome all that’s you.



How much effort does it take to hear
how hard is it to see
are you lost within your thinking, dear
or do you simply watch all three?

When you think a thought
do you think it first
or does it suddenly appear
does it come and go in an empty space
that has always been right here?

Has the impulse really ceased to rise
in a moment without cause
to grasp or reach for what’s outside
have you found that silent pause?

Have the things of life finally brought to bear
in an understanding true
that no matter if it’s good or bad
nothing’s changed the you that’s you?

When it’s late at night
and you’re all alone
does it feel like no one’s there
just an emptiness
that’s so deep ‘n’ wide
where there’s no more room for fear?

Has the twinkle in a baby’s eye
whispered GOD is all that’s here
has the suffering of a passer by
caused your eye to shed a tear?

Are you filled with awe
at the simple sight
of a cloud floating in the air
have you seen that there is naught to do
for you just to be aware?

Are you happy in this moment
without an object by your side
did you ever think you would realize
that to find life’s greatest prize

was to stop
and welcome
all you see
right now
and simply be?

For by doing so
you would simply find
who has always been quite free!!

Please visit Jimmy’s GoFundMe page by clicking here and contribute whatever your heart calls you to … and …

Stay tuned for more from Jimmy (both Zero Distance and Real-World Nonduality) in the next post

A bit more on Jimmy (excerpted from Real-World Nonduality):

JAMES NELSON HURLEY lives in midtown Manhattan with his wife Marcela Pulido, having arrived in Manhattan originally interested in pursuing a career in acting.

His creative interest turned within, due to an extraordinary experience he had on stage. In a scene studies class he had an epiphany: he transcended his persona and became the character. After he returned to his seat, he marvelled at what had just happened and wondered what that experience was. Where did it go? Why wasn’t it here now?

Reading books by Abraham Maslow, Fritz Perls, Norman Vincent Peale, and ultimately meeting in 1976 his first teacher, Lester Levenson, he learned the Sedona Method Release Technique, which he taught for 20 years.

His initial pursuit still burning, James was led to Francis Lucille and the direct path in 1995. In 2003 James became certified in hypnosis and practiced in Colombia and New York City until 2015.

He now enjoys NYC theatre, photography, walks in Central Park, yoga, and travelling with his wife, always with Francis Lucille, Ramana, Nisargadatta or Atmananda close at hand.

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Opening Francis Lucille quote & poems: Zero Distance by James Hurley – unpublished book, used with James’ generous permission.
Marcela’s text excerpt: Graciously provided by Jimmy and used with his permission.
Excerpt (at the bottom) re Jimmy: From Real-World Nonduality by Greg Goode, used with Greg Goode’s permission.
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Composite of a) Human silhouette in yoga pose and meditation by teotarras  and b) Planets and spiral galaxy by draco-zlat, 2) Marcela and Jimmy, used here with Jimmy’s permission, 3) Lake Antorno by bereta. All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).



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