My Beloved: “… In the great silence before the dawn …  There thou wilt meet with my Beloved. …” ~ J Krishnamurti

dawn my beloved j krishnamurti

Aldous Huxley had this to say about J Krishnamurti: “A clear contemporary statement of the fundamental human problem, together with an invitation to solve it in the only way in which it can be solved – by and for oneself.”  and that  “Hearing Krishnamurti speak was like listening to a discourse of the Buddha… such power, such intrinsic authority.”

Indeed Krishnamurti is laserlike – and with “intrinsic authority.” – in his talks about the “fundamental human problem” or knowing our True nature …

In his famous talk – breaking with the Theosophical Society – on August 3, 1929 he said:

“… Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect … “

“… I want to do a certain thing in the world and I am going to do it with unwavering concentration … “

“… I have only one purpose: to make man free, to urge him towards freedom, to help him to break away from all limitations, for that alone will give him eternal happiness, will give him the unconditioned realization of the self …”

“… you must … look within yourselves for the enlightenment, for the glory, for the purification, and for the incorruptibility of the self …”

“… Truth is in everyone; it is not far, it is not near; it is eternally there …”

“… the Kingdom of Happiness. No one holds it. No one has the authority to hold that key. That key is your own self, and in the development and the purification and in the incorruptibility of that self alone is the Kingdom of Eternity …”

“… My only concern is to set men absolutely, unconditionally free.”

Here’s the heart of his teaching – in his own words:

“… Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any organisation, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, nor through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection …”

So, today we take a very brief glimpse into J. Krishnamurti’s wisdom (his teacher page will be coming in the future)… through one of his poems: Song of the Beloved (from The Immortal Friend)

But … before that …

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Now … back to J. Krishnamurti … 

Song of the Beloved (from The Immortal Friend)

Oh! Listen,
I will sing to thee the song of my Beloved.

Where the soft green slopes of the still mountains
Meet the blue shimmering waters of the noisy sea,
Where the bubbling brook shouts in ecstasy,
Where the still pools reflect the calm heavens,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

mountain lake still pool calm heavens my beloved j krishnamurti

In the vale where the cloud hangs in loneliness
Searching the mountain for rest,
In the still smoke climbing heavenwards,
In the hamlet toward the setting sun,
In the thin wreaths of the fast disappearing clouds,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

Among the dancing tops of the tall cypress,
Among the gnarled trees of great age,
Among the frightened bushes that cling to the earth,
Among the long creepers that hang lazily,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

jungle j krishnamurti

In the ploughed fields where noisy birds are feeding,
On the shaded path that winds along the full, motionless river,
Beside the banks where the waters lap,
Amidst the tall poplars that play ceaselessly with the winds,
In the dead tree of last summer’s lightning,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

In the still blue skies,
Where heaven and earth meet
In the breathless air,
In the morn burdened with incense,
Among the rich shadows of a noon-day,
Among the long shadows of an evening,
Amidst the gay and radiant clouds of the setting sun,
On the path on the waters at the close of the day,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

setting sun my beloved j krishnamurti

In the shadows of the stars,
In the deep tranquility of dark nights,
In the reflection of the moon on still waters,
In the great silence before the dawn,
Among the whispering of waking trees,
In the cry of the bird at morn,
Amidst the wakening of shadows,
Amidst the sunlit tops of the far mountains,
In the sleepy face of the world,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

dark nights tranquility j krishnamurti

Keep still, O dancing waters,
And listen to the voice of my Beloved.

~~ J. Krishnamurti

This poem is an excerpt from the full poem Song of the Beloved (from The Immortal Friend) by J. Krishnamurti (whose teacher page is coming in the future).

==== === ====

May you find the Beloved … wherever you are … and in every moment of your life … and …

May you bring more love and compassion in your daily rhythm and interactions with others … and …

May you remain safe and healthy as you navigate these troubling times.


Krishnamurti’s quotes in our opening contextual preamble: From his Dissolution Speech on August 3, 1929 … and the quote re the heart of his teaching: From the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Home Page.
This poem is from From Darkness to Light: Poems and Parables (The Collected Works of Krishnamurti, Vol. 1) … originally found this book via a poem in Poetry Chaikhana.
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Stunning sunrise over the ocean by Smileus, 2) Mountain lake by muha04, 3) Jungle by LoonChild, 4) Sunset on Pranang beach,Thailand by DmitryRukhlenko, 5) Pine forest near the mountain lake at night by pellinni. All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our. All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).


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