“Eternity is your refuge. Recognize eternity within yourself. Eternal presence is Buddha-mind. Eternal presence is not becoming Buddha-mind or attaining Buddha-mind. It is recognizing itself as eternal Buddha-mind now.” ~ Gangaji


Spiritual nourishment seems to be a fundamental human need.  It doesn’t matter where this nourishment comes from … what form it takes …  it is provided for by every culture or mythology … for example, the Chinese Oracle, I Ching, talks about two such wells of nourishment: an external well like the I Ching and an internal well which “must be our own good character.” {Hexagram # 48: The Well, Water over Wind}.

I Ching, is an invaluable and impeccable, external source of wisdom and advice. It serves this purpose … eminently … and has done so for thousands of years. One can develop a deeply meaningful and highly personal relationship with this Oracle if it is followed and used sincerely and honestly.

The issue of “our own good character” is potentially more challenging, maybe even elusive, … and is possibly full of adventure. Why ? because first we must “know” ourselves before we can assess if our character is good … and, of course, that brings us home to the fundamental questions that are explored in the journey of Self Discovery : what is our true nature?  … who am I ?

The key seems to lie in the solo, silent exploration


Once we truly discover ourselves then knowing and following our own good character is not only easy but it also offers an endless adventure in every circumstance and every encounter, solo or otherwise … an adventure that is most exhilarating and terrifying (at times) … with deep, inexplicable contentment beyond measure.

So here are some remarks for further consideration:

Our true nature is permanence.

Explore this statement on your own. Find out what is not changing in your life.

Are your emotions remaining unchanged?
Are your thoughts remaining unchanged?
Is your body (or physicality) unchanged?

It is being claimed here that something is unchanging or permanent … what is that?

Discard any answer that cannot sustain changelessness and see what remains ….


This post is based on Sanjiv Manifest’s Google+ post

Opening quote: You Are That,Volume I, Satsang with Gangaji.
Images: 1) Alpenglühen by SweetaholicCCO Public Domain, 2) Lake McDonald by skeezeCCO Public Domain.
Featured Image:  Sunrise Mountains by skeezeCCO Public Domain.



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