“Take a moment to be still, to be here, regardless of what is passing through you. Recognize that you are the hereness that all is passing through. All the changes, sights, sounds, smells, emotions, thoughts, information, events, births, and deaths are all passing through the ever-present stillness that is here now in the core of your being.” ~ Gangaji

beauty of here autum

Regardless of any conceptions of spiritual study or systems or traditions … “here” is not subject to human verification or certification … does not require years of practice or discipline … is simply here – always !… It’s here in the crowded bazaar and … on the forest road … it’s also here in the pristine solitude of utter wilderness … and also in the quiet of the monastery or ashram.

Cannot be “attained” …. can only be realized! … in an instant! … an instant of being utterly silent and dropping all fascination/obsession with “subject object relations & navigation.”

Here’s what Gangaji has to say about this :

”Any spiritual study that is worth studying points to the fact that who you are cannot be studied. The truest teachings point to who you are as that which cannot be objectified, and thereby can not be searched.”

what is here

”Self forgetting is an apparent mental veiling that gives rise to the mental activity of searching. … Stop searching in your memory and recognize what has been here all the time.”

”In the instant of ending your search, all studies are released, as everything is  released each night when you drop into deep sleep. … The opportunity in waking state is to neither remember nor forget, and see what is here when you stop looking for it.

— —- —

“The ever present possibility in your life right now is to stop trying to do anything to get who you are and simply rest in this nectar of pure consciousness that is always here.”

rest in the here

“To try to keep what is always here is absurd. To try to establish what is already eternally established is ridiculous. That it is impossible is good news. The bad news is that in trying to keep what is already permanently here, the “hereness” is tragically overlooked.”

— — —

“This theatre of you, me, circumstances, emotions, good events, and bad events is God’s theatre. It is not to be avoided, but enjoyed. It is to thrill with, to weep with, but also to recognize, “Oh my God, what a play! What a theatre!” — and in that recognition, to know who you are.”

“You, as consciousness, are the stage upon which the actors move, the screen upon which the film of life is projected, and the animating force present in each actor. Whoever you imagine yourself to be, whatever role you imagine yourself to play, the truth of who you are now is deeper than that role, closer than that role, and also beyond that role. Not who you will be someday, but right now: who you are and have always been.”

“The ever present possibility in any moment is to wake up to the truth of yourself as consciousness. That waking up occurs in the mind’s surrender to silence.”



Quotes from: The Diamond in your Pocket, discovering your true radiance, by Gangaji …. and …. You Are That,Volume I, Satsang with Gangaji.

Images: 1) Orgasmic Orange Overload by mendhak, CC BY-SA 2.0, (also the Featured image), #2 onwards are all CCO Public Domain : 2) Seascape by Pok_Rie, 3) Maine by tpsdave, and 4) Redwood National Forest by tpsdave.



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