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Awe & Wonder …

awe heschel

“… Awe is a sense of transcendence, for the reference everywhere to mystery … It enables us … to feel in the rush of the passing the stillness of the eternal …”  ~ Abraham Heschel

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Why This Moment, Silence Matters? Ocean of Silence Doyle Poems

sunset monument valley doyle

“… the sun rises in silence and sets back into silence but Silence does not arise or set; it ever is  …” ~ Billy Doyle

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Lasting Discovery of Truth? Ocean of Silence, Doyle, Gangaji

ocean of silence dawn awareness doyle

“… we are awareness itself, beyond the personal  …” ~ Billy Doyle

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A Tendency to Shine – Adyashanti

tendency to shine radiant awareness sunrise adyashanti

“… discover the radiant light of awareness peering through your own eyes in this very moment …” ~ Adyashanti

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Silence Poems …

silence finley

There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the divinity within …”  ~ Guy Finley

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The Eternal Song: Aware Presence – Adyashanti

cotopaxi dawn eternal song adyashanti

“… I Am the stillness within movement and the movement within stillness …” ~ Adyashanti

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Advaita Vedanta: Jean Klein & Billy Doyle

that forever pure being maharshi maharaj

“… When you go beyond awareness, there is a state of non-duality, in which there is no cognition, only pure being. In the state of non-duality, all separation ceases  …”  ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Eternal Now: The Radiant Emptiness – Adyashanti

sunset eternal now adyashanti

Eternal now: “… totally still but in endless motion …” ~ Adyashanti

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Praise This Day … by Adyashanti

sunrise praise this day adyashanti

Don’t forget that you are the clear light of awareness ~ Adyashanti

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Silence My Secret … by Adyashanti

silence question adyashanti

The question actually leads you into silence ~ Adyashanti

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Meet Me Here Where Silence Roars … by Adyashanti

sunset silence roars meet me here adyashanti

“… Meet me here where silence roars where stillness is dancing …” ~ Adyashanti

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Who Are You? – The Eternal Song … by Adyashanti

be still awaken adyashanti

“… Be still and awaken to the realization of who you Are …” ~ Adyashanti

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Adyashanti’s Awakening: Nothing is separate, nothing is alone …

adyashanti awoke am all that i see

“… Nothing is separate, nothing is alone. I am all that I see. All that I smell, taste, touch, feel, think and know.  …” ~ Adyashanti

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Adyashanti: The Truth of what you are

adyashanti truth ocean waves stillness

“… The Truth of what you are {is} … Like an ocean that is both waves and stillness and yet un-definable as waves or stillness …” ~ Adyashanti

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Adyashanti: Three Orienting Ideas

“We are all born with being veiled in obscurity…restoring being to its true dominion and sovereignty is what spiritual awakening makes possible”   ~ Adyashanti In this introduction to The Three Orienting Ideas, the second chapter of The Way of Liberation, Adyashanti explores the Question of Being …

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Adyashanti: Foundation for Living Our True Nature

Clarity, intention

“The Way of Liberation is a way of completely facing yourself…without withdrawing into denial, judgment, or magical thinking. It is a means of piercing through the veils of illusion and awakening to Truth.”  ~ Adyashanti Adyashanti offers a foundation for “… living and manifesting the ultimate n …

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Adyashanti: Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening

“The primary task of any good spiritual teaching is not to answer your questions, but to question your answers.”   ~ Adyashanti Read this Introduction to Adyashanti’s book, The Way of Liberation, a stripped-down, practical guide to spiritual awakening … includes FREE Download of eBook.

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Adyashanti: The Gifts & Secrets of Silence

radiant darkness

“… Mind throws itself at Silence demanding to be let in. But no mind can enter into Her radiant darkness Her pure and smiling nothingness …” ~ Adyashanti Enjoy this poetry of silence by Adyashanti, one of our featured teachers …

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